General Assembly

I Love Mountains Day

I Love Mountains Day Rally and Lobby Day (10th anniversary). Mid-day rally on capitol steps. Details to follow.

Ky. General Assembly reconvenes

The 2015 session of the Kentucky General Assembly reconvenes. They will meet daily (M-F) through March 9 (with the exception of Monday, Feb. 16 – Presidents Day). Then there will be a recess until March 23 and 24, when legislators return to finish up business and consider any vetoes.

Ky. General Assembly convenes

The 2015 session of the Kentucy General Assembly convenes. Legislators meet for 4 days for their organizational session, then recess until February 3.

Natural Gas Liquid Pipelines in Kentucky

From KFTC's General Assembly 2014 Power Up series, a webinar about NGL pipelines, and opportunities and strategies to keep them out of Kentucky.

Building New Power through leadership development

There are many important stories coming out of the 2014 General Assembly – the outcomes of bills, the work of citizen lobbyists, the story of all the rallies and lobby days KFTC participated in.

For me, one of the highlights of KFTC’s work in the General Assembly – and, really, a highlight of all the work KFTC does – is the leadership development that happens around the session.

Throughout the session, KFTC is committed to developing leaders and helping their voices be heard. Whether it’s my friend Al lobbying for the first time. Or Mantell from Lexington taking his turn at the mic in front of the large crowd at the Voting Rights Rally. Or all the KFTC members who serve on various strategy teams that, throughout the session, contribute to our collective game plan … KFTC is about developing leaders.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about KFTC’s approach to leadership development.


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