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Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
is a community of people, inspired by
a Vision, building New Power and
a better future for all of us. Together,
we organize for a fair economy, a
healthy environment, new safe energy
and an honest democracy. Join us.

Recent news from our blog

We’re in a moment – it’s time to go all in

This spring, KFTC’s Steering Committee voted to go “all in” to impact the important elections in 2019 and 2020. They saw the urgency of this moment when so many things – our health care, pensions, schools, environment and our democracy – are at stake. Impacting the elections means engaging with hundreds of thousands of voters and changing the narrative about what’s possible in Kentucky. In the letter below, KFTC Chairperson Meta Mendel-Reyes explains why this moment is different – and why we have to rise to it.

To KFTC members and friends:

I’m writing to share some important news about how you can help change Kentucky politics in Read more

Voting Rights work integrated with voter empowerment

The campaign to restore voting rights of people with felonies is gaining momentum this fall …

Members join climate strikes across the commonwealth

KFTC members joined youth-led climate actions across the state in September

Grassroots power is vital to community development

Residents get officials to listen to their needs and dreams for Opportunity Zone neighborhood

KFTC leaders confront results of racial justice assessment

KFTC leaders discuss analysis of KFTC culture, obstacles and goals regarding race equity.

Members celebrate Northern Kentucky’s love for democracy

 Sing For Democracy and other events highlights weeks of voter empowerment activity …

Water connects us all – World Peace and Prayer Day 2019

World Peace & Prayer Day honors our planet and the Indigenous people who call it home.