Speaking Out for Tax Justice

Bowling Green members tell tax reform panel: hear the call of Kentuckians – with solutions that benefit all of us.

Who's Paying A Fair Share?

Some people contribute more of their income in state and local taxes than others.

Funding the Kentucky we deserve

There are better ways to raise funds for schools, health care, environmental protection and other important services!

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Tax Justice Organizer:

Beth Bissmeyer |  Tel: 859-314-2044

Economic Justice

We want a better quality of life for all Kentuckians.

We’re working for better schools, better health and wellness services, cleaner water, more affordable education and a level playing field – so every Kentuckian has the opportunity to succeed. As member Dana Beasley Brown says:

“I don’t want companies to want to hire my children because they’re cheap, but because they’re skilled, educated, and creative.”

We’re working hard for these changes because we know that Kentucky is worth it. Every Kentuckian should be able to live, work, and put food on the table, right here at home. 

The Kentucky we deserve is possible, but we have to make the investment if we want a better future. That begins with comprehensive tax reform

Our Work


Tax Reform

Kentuckians are worth good jobs, clean water, and quality educations. The Kentucky we deserve is possible if we reform our state taxes.

Payday Lending

$472 interest on a $350 loan? Something needs to change!

Immigrants' Rights

Full human rights for all people – that's the kind of society we're working for.

LGBTQ Equality / Fairness

Fairness, safety and celebration of diversity – we know that's part of making our communities great!

Federal tax policy

Kentuckians have an important opportunity – and obligation – to help shape federal tax policy to ensure we have the resources to create the best Kentucky for all of us.


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