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Dana Beasley Brown"When my voice joins your voice, and my vote joins your vote, we can build a new economic and democratic New Power that will create the Kentucky we want and deserve for our families and our communities. That is what KFTC membership has done for my voice, and each new member makes our voices stronger."

– Dana Beasley Brown

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Join us at KFTC's 2014 Annual Membership Meeting

KFTC’s statewide Annual Membership Meeting will be held August 22 through August 24 this year at the General Butler State Park in Carrollton.

The annual meeting is a time for all KFTC members to gather together to celebrate great work over the past year, learn new skills and hold the yearly business meeting. During the business portion of the meeting, members will consider the proposed changes to our platform, elect statewide officers and accept new or renewing chapters for the coming year.

Our meeting's theme this year is "From the Grassroots to the Mountaintop: Empowering Grassroots Leaders" and will focus on ways to build our grassroots power and leadership capacity. Leadership development is KFTC’s highest priority as we work to build grassroots power and win important issues. Across Kentucky, in statewide and local campaigns, hundreds of KFTC leaders are deeply engaged and actively leading others. These leaders grow through skills training, mentoring, exchange with other groups and on-the-job practice. KFTC’s success depends on the involvement and commitment of thousands of people, including you! Join us this weekend to learn what leadership means to KFTC and gain skills to become a leader in KFTC and your own community!

Lobby your legislators about Sustainable Energy

Opening the door to clean energy opportunities in Kentucky depends on passing good energy legislation in our General Assembly.

Along with our partners in the Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance (KySEA), we support the Clean Energy Opportunity Act, expanding Kentucky's net metering law, and expanding energy efficiency and renewable energy in our schools, called the Kentucky Green Schools Initiative.

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Write a letter to the editor


Writing a letter to the editor is something simple and easy that can reach thousands of Kentuckians and help to educate, organize, and build awareness around the issues that we care about.  Even very short letters can be powerful.

Register yourself and others to vote


How to register to vote

If you're uncertain whether you're registered to vote or unsure if you're registered to vote at your current address, please visit the Kentucky Voter Information Center.

You can register in-person at your local County Clerk’s office.

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