General Assembly

Workers Rally

Join workers on Saturday, January 7 at 8:30 a.m. at the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort as we fight to stop #RightToWork and other anti-worker, wage-lowering bills from becoming law!

Jefferson County Chapter Meeting

Join us for our first chapter meeting of the New Year. We'll set some chapter goals for 2017 and discuss the current Legislative Session. Come learn and share with us!

Northern Kentucky Lobby Training

Join KFTC and others as we prep members for meeting with elected officials and other decision makers by learning more about the legislative process, good guidelines to go by, practice mock lobbying moments, and more.

First day 2017 General Assembly

The Kentucky General Assembly begins its 2017 session with four organizational days during the first week of January. The legislature will then recess until February 7 and meet through March.

Bevin talks voting rights, hasn't restored any

“I’ve always been guided by the principle of looking at what people do, not what they say,” said [Rep. Darryl] Owens, who has sponsored bills in recent sessions to allow automatic restoration of civil rights for felons (with some exceptions including violent crimes and sexual offenses) upon completion of all terms of their sentences.


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