General Assembly

First Day 2018 Ky General Assembly

The Kentucky General Assembly begins its 60-day session. The House and Senate convene at 12 noon.

Save Our Schools Kentucky will hold a press conference at 1 p.m. in the capitol rotunda.

Lobbying Workshop

Gear up for conversations with local elected officials and for the 2018 General Assembly by attending this workshop about talking with legislators. We will discuss how to set an agenda for a lobby meeting, the various roles of participants in lobby meetings, and some of the major pitfalls that prevent us from having productive conversations with legislators (or with anyone, for that matter).

Pension No SS Victory! What's Next.

We stopped the special legislative sessions on taxes ansd pensions in 2017. How do we keep winning in 2018?

Mishmash of tax breaks unfair, shrinks Ky. budget

Is it fair that most people and businesses pay their full share of taxes to support our state while some don’t?

No, of course not. And the large and growing tax breaks — they don’t sunset so with each new one the drain on the treasury grows — are bankrupting the state.

Tax reform should be key part of Kentucky pension reform

Kentuckians are eager to support fiscal responsibility and smart investments in our state by cleaning up tax breaks. Tax reform legislation doing just that was filed by six dedicated House members in July in response to Gov. Bevin’s request for ideas to address our fiscal crisis.


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