Northern Kentucky Loves Democracy!

The Northern Kentucky chapter is getting ready for the Voter Registration deadline with a unique twist on KFTC voter empowerment work that members are calling, “Northern Kentucky Loves Democracy!” This series of events, aimed at increasing voter registration, empowering voters to take action and helping highlight KFTC's great work across the region, will anchor the final few days of the chapters voter registration efforts.

The first event for this weekend will be Dining for Democracy 2, taking place at Lucky Duck Pub on September 26, will feature a voter registration table from 8-11, and 10 percent of all sales that day will be donated to help promote the work KFTC has been doing engaging voters.

The next event will be a kick-off for the weekend series of events on October 5 at Pike Street Lounge. This venue is hosting a Dance Party for Democracy, which will feature a live DJ, dance music, and KFTC members registering more voters.

Saturday, October 6 will feature KFTC doing some voter registration at the Covington Farmers Market at Park and Court from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., as well as participating at the 3rd Annual Wee Folk Fest in Mainstraussee Village in Covington. Set up across from Stoney's Gifts at 6th and Main, the chapter will be using these events to help families make sure they are ready for the election.

That night members will venture over to the Crazy Fox Saloon, and will be registering voters while Kristi Kruer and the Red Cedars perform! This event will also feature members of the bands and people from the community talking about the importance of voting, and about the number of important races across Northern Kentucky. Because if there's one thing the chapter loves as much as democracy, it's music!

Northern Kentucky Loves Democracy will conclude with a candidate meet and greet at Groove Coffee House located at 640 Main Street in Covington. Voters and candidates for elected office alike are welcome to come, and this event will serve as a informal chance for voters to meet the people who hope to represent them.

The chapter hopes you are able to join them, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact the Northern Kentucky chapter at 859-380-6103.



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