We Are Kentuckians: Celebrating Our Common Heritage

Join the Jefferson County Chapter of KFTC for this celebration of African American heritage through art, music, poetry, and storytelling. The second annual “We Are Kentuckians: Celebrating Our Common Heritage” honors the important but often unheard stories, cu

Vision Smoketown

Vision Smoketown began as a volunteer-based community canvassing project conceived after the Jefferson County KFTC Chapter moved its office to Louisville’s Smoketown neighborhood in July 2013. Members of the chapter’s Economic Justice Team were focusing their attention on local affordable housing issues. After moving to Smoketown, the team wanted to understand the desires and needs of Smoketown residents within the changing dynamics of Louisville.

Madison County KFTC Pie Auction

Mark your calendars for Madison County KFTC's 5th annual Pie Auction fundraising event! This year's event will be held on Saturday, March 14, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the basement of Union Church (200 Prospect Street, Berea). Finally, our Pie Auction lands on Pi(e) Day -- 3.14.15!

Northern Kentucky Loves Mountains

Join Northern Kentucky members of Kentuckians as we discuss the impacts of mountaintop removal mining in eastern Kentucky, and what work KFTC and others are doing to promote clean water, clean air, and clean jobs for all Kentuckians.

Building power for KFTC and for Kentucky: KFTC PowerBuilders

We are our own best hope for change in Kentucky. We have a vision of the Kentucky we want to create and how to get there. Hardworking Kentuckians share their hopes and dreams every day in laundromats and coffee shops, over kitchen tables and on front porches. How do we share our visions for Kentucky in an intentional way with our friends and families?


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