Voter Empowerment

Restoration of Voting Rights factsheet

This fact sheet discusses proposed legislation to restore voting rights to former felons through an amendment to the Kentucky constitution.

Louisville Metro Council unanimously passes resolution supporting Voting Rights Restoration in Kentucky

We Did It!!!

Louisville Metro Council once again made history last month by passing the Resolution supporting the Restoration of Voting Rights to Former Felons in Kentucky with a unanimous vote of 19-0!

Going into the July 24 Metro Council hearing, the Resolution had 11 bi-partisan co-sponsors. Once the Resolution was brought to the floor for discussion, five more Metro Council members (bi-partisan, again!) signed on as co-sponsors.  With no opposition on Metro Council, or from the chambers, the Resolution passed, with several Metro Council members going on record about why voting rights matter, and why this resolution is so important.

Smoketown GetDown^for Democracy!

Jefferson County Chapter of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth presents Smoketown GetDown^for Democracy 

Jefferson County Voter Empowerment Meeting

Join the Jefferson County Chapter of KFTC's first Voter Empowerment Team meeting of 2014. During our first meeting we'll make plans for voter registration, education, and  turnout for the November election. Come and share your thoughts and ideas! 

Jefferson County Chapter Meeting

Join us for July chapter meeting. The Central Kentucky Chapter of KFTC will join us to discuss the success of their city council resolution in support of the restoration of voting rights to former felons. We will also explore ways that our chapter can support the passage of a similar resolution in Louisville.


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