Voter Empowerment

Restoration of Voting Rights factsheet

This fact sheet discusses proposed legislation to restore voting rights to former felons through an amendment to the Kentucky constitution. has been updated for the November 4 election!

KFTC's voter guide website has been updated with new information about candidate stances, voting locations, key links and other information to help you cast an informed vote in the election on Tuesday, November 4. We've surveyed candidates running for the U.S. Senate and House, state legislative races, and local races in Louisville, Lexington, Danville, Berea, Richmond, Georgetown, Newport, Florence, Covington, Bowling Green and more!

Felons Getting Closer to Voting in KY

Felons won't let up on state lawmakers in Kentucky until they get the right to vote.

KFTC to register voters during 48 hours of "Voter Madness"

Additional Contact

Tyler Offerman, KFTC member

Social Media

Follow the Voter Madness activities on Twitter at #buildingnewpower and #kftc

Forty-eight hours of “Voter Madness” begins Thursday at noon and lasts through Saturday at noon at a variety of locations and events in the Lexington area.

Jefferson County Chapter Meeting

Join us for our October Chapter Meeting. We'll celebrate the success of last month's Smoketown GetDown for Democracy block party and our recent Voter Registration efforts and we'll discuss our upcoming Voter Empowerment activities. Come learn and share with us! 


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