Voter Empowerment

2018 election by the numbers

Oktoberfest 3KFTC members leaned into this election cycle more heavily than any other, conducting large-scale voter registration, education and mobilization in our communities to lift up important issues, to listen to our neighbors, and help them get involved. KFTC’s New Power PAC formed Democracy Teams that recommended candidate endorsements and led local work to support candidates who most advanced KFTC’s Vision.

Here are some of our numbers:

  • Total doors knocked + calls made by KFTC – 41,462
  • Candidates responding to our General Election issue stance survey – 223
  • Visits 2018 – 60,778
  • Candidates profiled on – more than 7,000
  • Total General Election ad views online – 899,078
  • General Election candidate-specific mail pieces sent – 58,180
  • General Election Voter Guides printed - 13,000

Some of the other numbers from the election:

  • Total Ballots cast - 1,612,353
    General Election Voter Turnout - 47.38%
    Voter Turnout among KFTC members - 91%
  • Political Party composition of the new Kentucky House - 61 Republicans - 39 Democrats (a shift of 2 seats to the Democrats)
  • Political Party composition of the new Kentucky Senate - 28 Republican - 10 Democrats (a shift of 1 seat to the Republicans)

New Power PAC Candidates who won their elections - 26

We can't stop now. Help build grassroots power for 2019.

Today we kick off KFTC’s fall fundraising campaign. We're inviting everyone to support Action for Democracy.

From June through election day, I talked with voters every week as a KFTC voter empowerment organizer.

I took action for democracy because I wanted everyone to get out and vote for candidates who reflect our values and understand issues that affect us. I helped folks to not just vote, but know who and what they were voting for.

Not everything went our way in this election, but 26 candidates endorsed by KFTC’s New Power PAC won their races. We challenged old guard candidates and made them talk about our issues and our values. We supported more women and people of color candidates. And KFTC members, voters and candidates gained skills to grow our grassroots power.

Felony Voting Ban: "Double Jeopardy" in Kentucky?

They've paid their dues for mistakes of their past, however an estimated 300,000 Kentuckians are not allowed to cast a ballot on Election Day.

Kentucky is one of four states that takes away the voting power of all people with a felony conviction for their entire lifetime.

Why So Many Kentuckians Are Barred From Voting on Tuesday, and for Life

Nationwide, some 6.2 million citizens cannot vote or hold office because they have felony records. But only Kentucky, Iowa and Florida impose lifetime bans, and polls indicate that Floridians are poised to approve a constitutional amendment on Tuesday that would restore rights to 1.4 million residents who have completed their sentences.

Today we say thank you. Tomorrow, we organize.

A healthy democracy is the foundation of our vision for Kentucky. That’s why we work so hard to help people participate. Our vision is bigger than any one election, and yesterday we inched a little closer to the democracy we deserve and the government we need.


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