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Voter Empowerment

Big Sandy November chapter potluck & election watch party

In November we'll meet on our normal first Tuesday of the month, which happens to fall on election day! Please plan to vote before the polls close at 6pm, and join us for a potluck and election watch party. We'll discuss business as necessary but try to leave the time for getting to know each other and cheering on change in Kentucky!

We Choose KY Watch Party!

Join KFTC members and othes as we celebrate the work we've done to empower every day Kentuckians, and discussing what's next for us in our work for a stronger democracy!

We Choose NKY! Election Watch Party

Join KFTC members as we celebrate the work we have done to build a stronger democracy, and begin to move what's next for Kentuckians!

Voter Registration Deadline TODAY (Tuesday 10/7/19)

EKU Voter Registration 9-17-19Today, Monday 10/7, is the Voter Registration Deadline in Kentucky;

If you're not registered or need to update your voter address because you've moved, get down to your local County Clerk's office or register online.

If you want to check your voter registration status just to be safe, visit the Voter Information Center

You can register or update your voting address online by 4pm today local time or by getting a voter registration card in the mail to your County Clerk postmarked today. 

Note that students who are away from home going to school have the right to either use a permanent home address or temporary local address as their voting address, but we encourage students to consider registering locally especially if home is far away.   You'll be at school on election day and it's easier to just walk right down the street and vote as opposed to going home or voting absentee. 

Note that 17 year-olds can register to vote if they will by 18 on or before November 5.

Whereas people with felonies in their past have their right to vote taken from them in Kentucky (unless they get a pardon from the Governor), people with misdemeanors in their past or people who are pre-trial in jails do have the right to register and vote.

Also, check out to learn about candidates and where they stand on issues!

Voter Registration Webinar

We're running a statewide voter registration webinar on Tuesday 9/10 at 7pm!


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