Rally against hate and exclusion

KFTC members will be participating in a rally Saturday to counter a gathering by the Neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement. That group believes that, "Only those of pure white blood ... may be members of the state. Accordingly, no Jew or homosexual may be a member..." The group's prejudices extend to nation of origin, disability, sexual orientation and more.

Happy Tax Day!

KFTC members want good jobs, good schools, healthy and vibrant communities, and plenty of opportunities for our children to be happy and successful.  While members recognize the impact of elected leaders who are less than ideal, they also recognize the role of our state and federal governments.  Through government, we the people work together to accomplish great things, like teaching our kids,

The Myth Of Baseload Power

The article, "Why baseload power is doomed" by Chris Nelder gives an excellent rebuttal to a myth we hear commonly in Kentucky - that renewable energy cannot replace "baseload" electric power.

Growing Appalachia On Mountain Talk

Floyd and Knott County KFTC members have been busy preparing for the 3rd Annual Growing Appalachia conference this Saturday at the Jenny Wiley Convention Center in Prestonsburg, Kentucky.  The day will feature a range of workshops for the beginner and experienced alike on topics from small-scale farming and forestry to energy efficiency and solar applications.


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