Upcoming Singing for Democracy in eastern Kentucky

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gDSC_0366The Perry County KFTC Chapter and the Consolidated Baptist Church of Hazard are excited to be hosting the first gospel event Singing for Democracy in eastern Kentucky.

This celebratory event  – to supportthe restoration of voting rights to former felons who have served their time – will feature gospel performances by the Consolidated Baptist Choir, Rev. Jake Ravazi of Lynch, and others. Everyone is welcome to come join in the singing of hymns of redemption and hear testimony about the restriction of voting rights in Kentucky from prison ministries as well as from those who have been disenfranchis


While KFTC has hosted Singing for Democracy events before in central Kentucky, this will be the first time that church leaders, community leaders and KFTC have come together to host this type of event in the eastern Kentucky.

“This is a community partnership. It's the first Singing for Democracy in the mountains and we're excited to be a part of it. We at the church are partnering with Kentuckians For The Commonwealth to come together and inform people about their voting rights and the issues of inequality around access to voting,” said Rev. Lowell Parker of Consolidated Baptist Church.  

Voting Rights RallyAn estimated 243,000 Kentuckians (more than 1 in 5 voting-age African Americans) in our state are denied the right to vote because of Kentucky's felony disenfranchisement laws – and Kentuckyis one of just 4 states where restoring one's right to vote is so difficult.  

Scheduled right before the upcoming election, sponsors hope this event will not only serve to lift up House Bill 70, a constitutional amendment to restore voting rights to nonviolent former felons, but also to remind everyone who can, to exercise their own voting rightsat the polls on November 6th.

Jenny Williams, a professor of English at Hazard Community and Technical College and KFTC member, is enthusiastic about the event. “Consolidated Baptist Church is an amazingly welcoming church. That spirit of forgiveness and acceptance is what the Voting Rights Amendment is all about, and I'm looking forward to sharing some great music and fellowship with people who share my values. In our churches, our classrooms, our homes and our legislature, we have to forgive our neighbors to move forward together.”

Williams and others at the church are helping to prepare a chili supper that will be served immediately following the event.

Listen to a PSA about this event, produced by WMMT, below.

WMMT - PSA Singing for Democracy

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