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Natural Gas Liquid Pipelines in Kentucky

From KFTC's General Assembly 2014 Power Up series, a webinar about NGL pipelines, and opportunities and strategies to keep them out of Kentucky.

Power Up Webinar: Social Media: Twitter How-to

Enjoy this clip from a Power Up Webinar about using social media. This clip offers some helpful tips and tricks for strategically using Twitter to shape conversations. Enjoy!

Power Up Webinar: Social media to shape conversations

Welcome to KFTC's fall 2014 Power Up Webinar series! These webinars will help members take advantage of the window to push forth Kentucky's issues, values, and mission during the election season.

Annual membership meeting focuses on grassroots leadership

One of KFTC’s goals of organizing is to have fun, and members proved they know how to do that at KFTC’s 2014 annual membership meeting, even as they took a serious look at Kentucky issues and the role of grassroots leadership.

About 200 KFTC members came together August 22-24 at General Butler State Resort Park in Carrollton around the theme “From the Grassroots to the Mountaintop: Empowering Grassroots Leaders.” Woven with many conversations both structured and informal about Kentucky issues were discussions about grassroots leadership – what it looks like, who’s a leader, how leaders become leaders and how grassroots leadership development can change the world.

In between serious conversations, members found time to hug old friends and meet new ones, honor each other for work well done at Saturday’s awards banquet, share their talents at a cultural sharing showcase, and show off their moves at a dance party. The crowd for the annual meeting was one of the youngest and most diverse in KFTC’s history, with many first-time attendees.

Poet Bianca Spriggs opens KFTC annual meeting

Affrilachian poet Bianca Spriggs opened KFTC’s annual meeting by sharing her work and talking with participants about the meaning of collaboration.

“I have been aware of KFTC since I was 18 years old and a freshman at Transylvania University,” said the Lexington-based poet. Spriggs said college was also when she discovered poetry.


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