Air Quality

Kentucky lawmaker praises EPA Clean Power Plan

Over the next few weeks we will share some of the powerful public statements made by Kentuckians to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency about the agency's proposed Clean Power Plan to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants.

USGS halts research on mountaintop removal’s public-health effects

Last year, the Obama administration quietly put the brakes on any new field work by the U.S. Geological Survey to gather data on the potential public-health threats posed by mountaintop removal.

KFTC Overview of EPA Climate Proposal - July 2014

KFTC developed this overview of the EPA's proposed carbon emissions standards for existing power plants, released in June 2014. It is intended to help KFTC members understand and talk about the issues surrounding climate change and this EPA proposal.

Jefferson County Chapter Meeting

Join us for July chapter meeting. The Central Kentucky Chapter of KFTC will join us to discuss the success of their city council resolution in support of the restoration of voting rights to former felons. We will also explore ways that our chapter can support the passage of a similar resolution in Louisville.


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