Interactive, intersectional gender inclusivity training now available | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Interactive, intersectional gender inclusivity training now available

KFTC Organizer Apprentices Becky Jones and James Line and Laura Harper Knight recently piloted a gender inclusivity training which is now available to members across the state. The training explores the topics of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation from an intersectional lens. Activities include an interactive vocabulary session, anonymous Q & A, and a history of Kentucky’s LGBTQ+ organizing, along with videos of trans women of color sharing their stories, and small group discussions designed to help us challenge oppression and become a more welcoming organization.

Highlights of the training included a discussion around the use of the term ‘queer’ that demonstrated the beauty and power of intergenerational organizing. While queer was once a slur against the LGBTQ+ community, it has since been reclaimed. When fellow Organizer Apprentice Tanya Fogle shared this history with us and described how the word had been used against her, Becky showed gratitude for the strides made by Tanya and other activists that have made it possible to identify as ‘queer’ with pride.

Another highlight was a briefing on the history of LGBTQ+ organizing in Kentucky. James shared some of the key advancements and challenges in the movement for fairness and equality throughout the history of the Commonwealth. History helps inform the current status of the issue and paints a more vivid backdrop for our current work, allowing us to move forward with the past’s important lessons in mind.

Common themes included the complex nature of personal identity, our responsibility in creating a safe and welcoming space for a broad spectrum of gender and sexual identities, and an acknowledgement that gender oppression intersects with race, class, and other forms of oppression. Participants left with tools and resources for creating more inclusive spaces and for addressing these complex themes with sensitivity and nuance.

If your KFTC chapter or ally organization would like a similar training on gender inclusivity, contact your local Chapter Organizer or an Organizer Apprentice in your area.