Film Fest Success!

On March 3rd the Northern Kentucky chapter of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth hosted an annual film festival with the Northern Kentucky Sierra Club at the Erlanger Branch of the Kenton County Library, and focused on the importance of managing water, featured clips from well known documentaries like Gasland and Our Liquid Assets, a short film about water erosion in Covington, and speakers talking about the quality of local wetlands, reforestation projects, and erosion.

Jay Gray, who helped create the film C.O.R.E (Covington Ohio River Erosion) along with Caitlin Sparks and others, was pleased that his film was  selected by the organizations, and told some attendees about how the film began from a local woman in Covington raising concerns about erosion behind her property. Jay has been pleased with the short life it has had so far, being shown at non-profit events like the Green Umbrella, the Sierra Club, the KFTC/Sierra Club film festival, at student groups at Northern Kentucky University, and utilized by the local sanitation district (SD 1) to show local concerns with water management. Jay hopes his film helps illustrate the need change some of our aesthetics to be about what fits the natural world around us. 

The vast majority of the over 60 people who attended were pleased with the event, feeling both the films and speakers were very informative. Virginia Johnson especially enjoyed the clip from Bag It, which covered some of the harm that plastic bags can cause to the environment. The event was not without some controversy, as some were unsure about the accuracy of a presenter around Sanitation District 1’s project around cut-in-the-hill. Nevertheless, members and attendees look forward to n

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