Central Kentucky chapter remembers Danny Cotton and envisions what Kentucky deserves at chapter meeting


The chapter held its monthly chapter meeting on Thursday, April 18th at 7 p.m. at The Episcopal Mission House. Chapter members used this space to remember fellow KFTC member Danny Cotton and reflect on the spirit and energy that he brought to the chapter and everyone around him. “The Commonwealth did not have enough time with Danny. He had a deeply rooted sense of place here and he devoted the time he had to fighting for and loving this place,” KFTC member Greg Capillo said.

In honor of Danny, KFTC chapter members thought of what they each believed Kentucky deserves and wrote Tumbler messages expressing their vision for Kentucky and their disappointment about how the sequester that Mitch McConnell demanded might adversely affect that vision.


KFTC CKY Chapter Member Sarah Martin wrote: “I’m a Kentuckian! I’m a woman, an aunt, a best friend, a lesbian, a unionized worker, an awesome hugger, and a social justice advocate. I want our children, our state’s future, to be given the best shot to succeed. That’s why I want Head Start and Early Head Start to not lose any support and funding, but because of the sequester that McConnell demanded, approximately 1,100 Kentucky kids will lose access. Kentucky Deserves Better!”

KFTC CKY Chapter Member Jarred Brewster wrote: “I am a Kentuckian. I am a restaurant worker. I want to see more students emerge from college with smaller debt burdens so that they can contribute to their communities in the ways they find most fulfilling. I want to see federal funding for low-income students upheld but because of the sequester that McConnell demanded 1,710 fewer low income students will receive federal aid and 470 fewer students will have access to work studies. Kentucky Deserves Better!”

Members have also been working on researching community problems that the chapter can address on a local level. Chapter members heard a research report from members of the local work committee and participated in a training about selecting good local issues. Members studied the elements that make up an effective local campaign and what to keep in mind going forward.

Join us for our next chapter meeting on Thursday, May 16th at 7 p.m. at the Episcopal Mission House on the corner of MLK and 4th Street. The chapter meeting will focus on using media as a way to make social change.

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