Act now to cast an absentee ballot in November election

Posted by: KFTC staff on October 22, 2014

Take action NOW if you need to vote absentee in Kentucky

If you are registered to vote in Kentucky but won’t be able to get to your polling location on Tuesday, November 4, you need to act NOW to cast an absentee vote, either in person or by mail, in the upcoming election. We recommend in-person if you can manage that.

Kentucky law narrowly defines who is able to vote using a mail-in absentee ballot. To cast an absentee vote in Kentucky you must be:

  • Advanced in age, disabled, or ill;
  • Military personnel, their dependents or overseas citizens;
  • A student who temporarily resides outside the county where they are registered;
  • A voter who temporarily resides outside of Kentucky and who maintains eligibility to vote in Kentucky;
  • A person who is incarcerated, but not yet convicted of a crime; or
  • Employed outside of the county for all of the hours the polling place is open (6 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

These same groups of people also are permitted to their cast their votes early by visiting the county clerk’s office in the county where they are registered to vote. It is then possible to cast an “in-person absentee vote” during business hours prior to election day.

If you qualify and you need a mail-in absentee ballot, call your county clerk’s office TODAY to request an absentee ballot application. An absentee ballot application may be requested by the eligible voter, or by his or her spouse, parents or children. The deadline to request an absentee ballot application from your county clerk is next Tuesday, October 28.

But you should act today.

Here’s why you need to act fast: After you call to put in your request, the county clerk in your home county will mail you an absentee ballot application. This is just an application, not a ballot. You must sign and date this application and mail or hand deliver it back to the county clerk. Then the county clerk will mail you an absentee ballot. Then completed ballot must be mailed back to the clerk’s office. It cannot be hand delivered. And the clerk’s office must receive it by November 4.

For some voters, your best option may be to go directly to the county clerk’s office in the county where you are registered to vote and ask to vote early by casting an “in-person absentee ballot.”

However, please note that you must fall into one of the categories listed above to qualify for early voting or mail-in absentee voting. In Kentucky, it is not enough to know that you will be away from home on Election Day. You must be ill, old, disabled, employed out of the county, temporarily live out of the county, be a student, be a member of the military, or be incarcerated but not convicted.

It’s not an easy process to cast an absentee or early vote in Kentucky. Thank you for sharing this information with your friends, family and neighbors. Together we can make sure that every voice is heard this November.

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Paradise Waitin': A John Prine Hootenanny Benefitting Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Posted by: Beth Howard on October 22, 2014

For the second year in a row, folks gathered for a good, old fashioned hootenanny to the tune of John Prine at Paradise Waitin’: A John Prine Hootenanny benefitting

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KentuckyElection.org has been updated for the November 4 election!

Posted by: Erik Hungerbuhler on October 14, 2014

KFTC's voter guide website has been updated with new information about candidate stances, voting locations, key links and other information to help you cast an informed vote in the election on Tuesday, November 4. We've surveyed candidates running for the U.S. Senate and House, state legislative races, and local races in Louisville, Lexington, Danville, Berea, Richmond, Georgetown, Newport, Florence, Covington, Bowling Green and more!

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KFTC is "Powering Up" this election season

Posted by: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth on September 25, 2014

KFTC’s Fall 2014 Power Up webinar series is in full swing. These webinars will help members learn skills and opportunities to use this intense election season as a platform for KFTC’s values, frames, and vision.

We're recording these webinars on Monday evenings at 8 p.m. eastern. Join in to to participate in the discussion and have some good workshopping space, or find them here to watch them on your own time.

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Central Kentucky chapter and allies celebrate Lexington's Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Posted by: Staff; Photos by Steve Pavey on September 24, 2014

Justice HouseOn September 11, members of the Central Kentucky KFTC Chapter stood with allies in the Lexington Fayette Urban County Council meeting and gave the mayor and council a thunderous round of applause – the council voted 12-0 to approve funding and oversight for a city affordable housing trust fund.

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Shelby County pie auction fun and fundraising

Posted by: Lisa Aug on September 24, 2014

Shelby County Pie Auction September 18, 2014The Shelby County KFTC Chapter raised more than $800 at its first Pie Auction September 18.

About 30 people bid on 13 pies (including a cake and a cobbler), with winning bids ranging from $35 to $100. People also purchased KFTC shirts and hats and made direct donations.

KFTC members and friends who contributed pies went to the effort of making two of each: one for auction and one for tasting before the bidding began.  Goods included derby pie, chocolate pie, peach cobbler, Belgian butter cookie cake, chess pie, lemon meringue pie and others. During the tasting, the talented Susi Wood entertained the crowd with live acoustic music.<--break->

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National Voter Registration Day

Posted by: Enchanta Jackson on September 24, 2014

With the voter registration deadline being only 11 days away, KFTC is vigorously registering voters across Kentucky. On Tuesday, September 23rd we participated in the National Voter Registration Day and hosted 16 voter registration drives across Kentucky!

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Stanley Sturgill's press statement at the People's Climate March

Posted by: KFTC staff on September 21, 2014

KFTC member Stanley Sturgill was one of the speakers representing frontline communities who spoke today at a press conference kicking off the People's Climate March in New York City. Here is his statement:

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Kentuckians taking a Just Transition message to People’s Climate March

Posted by: KFTC staff on September 20, 2014

Eastern Kentuckians participating in this weekend’s Peoples Climate March in New York City are carrying a clear message: We are at the forefront of the transition away from coal and we need to be put first as we go about building a new economy.

For Kimberly Shepherd, it’s about her daughter and her future. She is working toward a just economic transition so she can keep her family in the mountains.

“The solution is complicated. I don't think that there's one thing that can fix it, it'll take a lot of different things. But the resource we really have in Harlan County is our people and community,” said the Harlan County student and mother.

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ABF 2.0 brings together diverse group to sample, dream for the region

Posted by: By KFTC Staff on September 15, 2014

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Massey, Sturgill honored as Appalachian Heroes

Posted by: KFTC staff on September 15, 2014

Two long-time KFTC members have been honored by the Appalachian Community Fund as Eastern Kentucky Appalachian Heroes.

About 80 people gathered on Friday, September 12, at the Eastern Kentucky Social Club in Lynch to honor Bennie Massey and Stanley Sturgill for their contributions to their community.

Both Sturgill and Massey live in Lynch and have been instrumental in efforts to protect their community from the impacts of coal mining and build a brighter future in the mountains. They are long-time members of the Harlan County chapter and have given their time and energy to other KFTC campaigns both inside and outside their region.

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