Sustaining Givers build grassroots power in Kentucky

Posted by: KFTC Staff on August 2, 2017


Meredith Wadlington and Jonah Cabiles are KFTC Sustaining Givers. And this summer they both became KFTC Organizer Apprentices, helping to build grassroots power across Kentucky.

How do Sustaining Gifts help build grassroots power?

Jonah: I’ve talked to people who had never heard of KFTC. It’s so cool to hear folks say, “This is the organization I’ve been waiting my whole life to be involved in.” Sustaining Gifts are important to making that happen.

Meredith: We have to do this work with a large body of folks. It has to come from all over the state, in every county. A Sustaining Gift is assuring us that that work will happen across Kentucky.

Become a Sustaining Giver today, and we'll send you our new KFTC T-shirt! 

Why invest in the Organizer Apprentice program?

Jonah: I’m entering new areas of Kentucky and meeting new people, and I don’t know if that work would be possible without the apprentices. The benefit of having more people on the ground is already paying off, increasing our ability to be more present in communities.

Meredith: This is really a historical moment in our organization, and as a social justice organization in Kentucky with 11,000 members, it’s also a historical moment for organizing in Kentucky.

Through an automatic, recurring gift, you can help ensure that KFTC’s work to build grassroots power keeps happening every day, all year long.

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The Histories Told and Ignored at Cheapside

Posted by: Carly Muetterties on August 16, 2017

To those who believe removal of the statues at Cheapside Park is a destruction of history or an affront on Kentucky’s heritage: 

Happy 36th Anniversary, KFTC!

Posted by: KFTC staff on August 16, 2017

 It was 36 years ago today – August 17, 1981 – that a group of 26 people from 12 counties meeting in Hazard agreed to officially form a new organization: KFTC, then known as the Kentucky Fair Tax Coalition. 

"People, especially in eastern Kentucky, were getting to know each other. All around the region there was a loose network of people who had worked together with each other in various ways over the past 15 years or so. What we didn't have in those days was a structured connection between us. There was a no interlocking of these community-level efforts, until KFTC."  –  Herb E. Smith, Letcher County

According to the book Making History: The First Ten Years of KFTC:

"We just knew that it made sense to work together across county lines because the problems we faced were similar and needed to be addressed on the state or national level," said Gladys Maynard, who was representing the Concerned Citizens of Martin County and became KFTC's first chairperson.

Open House! Berea Office of KFTC Celebrates First Year at Broadway Location

Berea Office of KFTC Celebrates First Year at Broadway Location
Posted by: Matthew Frederick - Madison County Chapter Member on August 7, 2017

The Berea KFTC office recently opened its doors to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its move to the city’s historic Old Town.

Eastern Kentuckians rally in support of health care for all

Posted by: KFTC staff on August 1, 2017

A video of the rally can be viewed on KFTC's Facebook page.

Eastern Kentuckians showed their support for health care for all at a rally in Pikeville Saturday that drew nearly 100 people.

“We’re here because we’re human beings and every human being deserves health care,” said Bev May, a Floyd County KFTC member who emceed the event. “Every life counts, and every life needs health care.”

Barn Bash brings members together, raises funds

Wilderness Trace Barn Bash 2017
Posted by: Anne Otieno, KFTC intern on July 11, 2017

KFTC hosts annual Barn Bash, the Wilderness Trace Chapter's biggest annual event to celebrate great local work, invite new folks into KFTC, encourage members to renew their membership, and raise funds.

Reflections on MTR hearing from an eastern Kentuckian

Posted by: By Austin Lowe, KFTC Intern on July 7, 2017

Austin Lowe, a student at Thomas More College who is from Leslie County, is interning with KFTC this summer. In June he attended a hearing on mountaintop removal with KFTC members and allies.

Jefferson County members help secure nearly $10 million for affordable housing

Posted by: Connor Allen and Alex Haynes on July 6, 2017

It's not easy to be a person with progressive values in Kentucky.

Northern Kentucky hosts resistance cookout

Posted by: Joe Gallenstein on July 3, 2017

Members of the Northern Kentucky chapter hosted a cookout and potluck this past weekend, inviting folks to attend to share food, discuss the work that community members have done around healthcare

Just Transition gets a boost with approval of RECLAIM Act by congressional committee

Posted by: KFTC staff on June 27, 2017

There was a significant step forward today when a Congressional committee added a key amendment back into the RECLAIM Act and then approved the bill, sending it to the House floor.


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