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Voter Empowerment

Major Push For Charles Booker Over The Weekend

104169386_2890009597776151_3285449781584475752_nKFTC and the New Power PAC have been pushing hard in recent days for Charles Booker who's really gaining steam.  We're putting up 25,000 door stickies all across the state, running phone banks, sending texts, and helping people share their stories online.

Booker won endorsements from the Courier Journal, Herald Leader, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Matt Jones, and others in quick succession and is generally surging.  It's within our ability to win this race for a candidate we're deeply excited about.

Requested your ballot yet? If not, go to June 15 deadline

The primary election matters. When we vote, we’re choosing what kind of Kentucky we want to call home.

Most voting in the primary election will be by mail this election so we can keep each other safe. But this process is new, and we need to spread the word about how it works.

Every registered voter in Kentucky is encouraged to vote by mail, and you can request a ballot at This is the easiest way to get a mail-in ballot.  For people having trouble with that website address, here's a direct link.

Go ahead and request your ballot today while you’re thinking about it and encourage others to do the same!

June 15 at 11:59 p.m. is the deadline to request mail ballots.

When you get your ballot, go ahead and fill it out and return it right away.  You can use to learn more about candidates and their stances.

How Kentucky's June 23 primary will be different - vote by mail details, etc.

89608945_680814476057872_591141659190755328_nVoting will be a little different this year for the June 23 primary election, with most voting happening by mail. But there are a few different options Kentucky voters have to cast their ballot. 

There will be a link where you can request a ballot at starting May 22. You can alternately call your county clerk now to request a mail-in ballot, but that process will have added steps. You can find your county clerk's number at this website. Some county clerk websites also have an online form to request a ballot.

There's a June 15 deadline to request mail ballots. Ballots need to be postmarked no later than June 23 and received by June 26 (but earlier is better!). Postage on ballots is already paid, and there will also be local drop boxes at limited locations if you'd prefer to drop them off rather than mailing them.

KFTZINES by Sabre Semrau

Sabre Semrau

"I love zine-making because anyone can do it. You can have as few supplies as a piece of paper and a pencil and still make an incredible zine that informs, educates, inspires, provokes, entertains, empowers, or otherwise delights your own mind and those of the people you share it with."

Charles Booker Town Hall was a success!

4-28-20 CBooker Town Hall--10On Tuesday night, 160 KFTC members and friends came together for the KFTC Charles Booker Town Hall where Rep Charles Booker talked about his story and his campaign for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Mitch McConnell. KFTC's New Power PAC endorsed Booker earlier this year. 

It was an opportunity for KFTC's statewide issue committees and members as a whole to ask Charles Booker questions and make their own stances known.

It's hard to build community in a time of social distancing, but this was an important and needed space for us to see eachother, laugh together, and build power together.


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