Empower Kentucky

Empower Kentucky is a people’s energy plan, one that reflects a shared vision and produces positive outcomes for all Kentuckians.

Renew East Kentucky

Learn about our campaign to bring clean, affordable energy and more democracy to Kentucky's rural electric co-ops.

Sustainable Energy

Learn about our work around sustainable energy solutions and our participation in the Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance.

Appalachian Transition

Learn more about KFTC’s efforts to promote a just and sustainable economic transition for coal workers and communities.

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Sustainable Energy Organizer:

Lisa Abbott  |  Tel: 859-200-5159

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Appalachian Transition Organizer:

Lisa Abbott  |  Tel: 859-200-5159

New Energy and Transition

Right now, today, we have our best chance in generations to build New Power with good jobs, cleaner energy, and more people participating in decisions affecting our lives.

Here at KFTC we're helping to build New Power through:

Our over-dependence on coal and other extractive industries has taken a heavy toll on our health, environment, and democracy. Together we can address the problems caused by Old Power and transition to a new, clean energy economy.

If you share this vision for our state, get involved with KFTC and take action today.

Our Work


Empower Kentucky

Empower Kentucky is a homegrown effort to shape a people’s energy plan, one that works for all of us. The plan is loaded with practical steps Kentucky can take to create jobs, improve health, ensure affordable energy, support a just transition, advance equity, and protect our climate.

Appalachian Transition

Economic transition is already happening in Central Appalachia. KFTC and our allies are working to promote a just and sustainable transition for coal workers and communities.

Renew East Kentucky

Renew East Kentucky is an organizing campaign to move Kentucky’s rural electric co-ops toward cleaner energy, increased energy efficiency, and more open and democratic governance – as well as thousands of new jobs.

Sustainable Energy

Across Kentucky, we’re transitioning to clean energy in small and large ways. KFTC is working to advance clean, sustainable, affordable energy solutions by winning new energy policies and demonstrating the benefits of clean energy.


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In one of its final legislatives moves before adjourning on April 14, the Kentucky Senate...

April 11, 2018 at 02:02pm

In April KFTC members launched the Power House Project, an exciting effort...

March 21, 2018
Lexington Herald Leader

Congress should renew a tax on coal companies that supports medical treatment for miners...

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