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Empower Kentucky

Empower Kentucky is a people’s energy plan, one that reflects a shared vision and produces positive outcomes for all Kentuckians.

Sustainable Energy

Help KFTC organize and win clean energy policies to benefit all Kentuckians.

Sustainable Energy

Help KFTC organize and win clean energy policies to benefit all Kentuckians.

Just Transition

Explore what Just Transition means, what will it take, and how to get involved.

Energy Democracy

Learn how many Kentuckians are saving money, saving energy, and benefiting from renewable energy.

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Deputy Organizing Director for Just Transition:

Lisa Abbott  |  Tel: 859-200-5159

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New Energy and Transition Organizer:

Nikita Perumal  |  Tel: 502-554-6633

New Energy and Transition

A Just Transition to a thriving clean energy economy is possible in Kentucky - one that works for all of us no matter our color or gender, where we come from, or how much money we have.

Today Kentuckians in every corner of our state are organizing through KFTC to build New Power in all its forms: new economic power, new political power and new, clean energy power.

Together we are working to:

  • Shape a just transition by, with, and for workers and communities affected by job losses, racial and economic injustice, and environmental devastation.

  • Build energy democracy through local solutions that help all Kentuckians save money, save energy, own and benefit from renewable energy, and create or benefit from new, good clean energy jobs. 

  • Accelerate sustainable energy in Kentucky through better public policies and fair regulation of monopoly electric utilities.

If you share this vision, please get involved with KFTC and take action today.

Our Work


Empower Kentucky

Empower Kentucky is a homegrown effort to shape a people’s energy plan, one that works for all of us. The plan is loaded with practical steps Kentucky can take to create jobs, improve health, ensure affordable energy, support a just transition, advance equity, and protect our climate.

Just Transition

Learn about KFTC’s work to shape a Just Transition and build a new, just, and sustainable economy

Energy Democracy

Learn about KFTC’s efforts to advance clean energy solutions that put power in the hands of local communities, residents, and workers, especially in low-income and people-of-color communities.

Sustainable Energy

Get involved in campaigns to win clean energy policies in Kentucky, fight for fair and just regulation of monopoly utilities, and talk with voters and candidates about positive ways forward.


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