Today's the day to contact your federal rep about the Ryan budget!

The U.S. House is expected to vote on Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposal today. Here are some resources for understanding the impact of Ryan's budget, along with numbers you can use to call in while there's still time!

A report from Citizens for Tax Justice says that Paul Ryan's latest budget plan would give millionaires a tax cut of $200,000 or more. Because the tax cuts for the highest incomes would be so very costly, Citizens for Tax Justice notes that taxpayers at lower income levels would have see higher taxes to subsidize the cuts at the top for the plan to meet its goal of being "revenue neutral." The plan proposes cutting individual rates to 10 percent and 25 percent, repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax and the tax increases included in the Affordable Care Act, and cutting the corporate rate from 35 percent to 25 percent. The Tax Policy Center notes that these changes would add $5.7 trillion to the deficit over the next decade. So, if the House wants to cut these taxes and still collect the revenues they've committed to, they’d have to raise other taxes by $5.7 trillion.

All that aside, the Ryan budget would have significant implications for our quality of life. SNAP – the nutritional program for children and pregnant women – lifted 4.7 million Americans above the poverty line in 2011, including 2.1 million children. Families on the program are already facing cuts to it in November of this year. And Ryan's budget cuts it even further – a 34% cut over five years. Read more here, from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, about the cuts to SNAP, Medicaid, Medicare, Pell Grants, and more.

You can find and contact your Congressional representative through this link. Share your thoughts on this budet before today's expected vote!

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