Central Kentucky members learn communications and tap into local art at May chapter meeting | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Central Kentucky members learn communications and tap into local art at May chapter meeting

The Central Kentucky KFTC Chapter held its May chapter meeting on Thursday, May 16 at the Episcopal Mission House. The room was full with more than 20 members, including several who were attending the meeting for the first time.

DSCN0076The meeting focused on using communications for the work of justice. KFTC Communications Team member Tim Buckingham gave a presentation to members on the most effective ways to get their message heard in an age where we are bombarded with tons of information on a daily basis. Members learned best practices for working with the media and tips on writing letters to the editor, as well as framing our message based on our personal stories and our vision of what we want to see for Kentucky. Tim challenged members by asking: "The task of communication can feel daunting. Authenticity is the key. How will you engage other humans in a meaningful way?"

Local artist art teacher Stephen Dorsett presented his digital art project "Picturing Equality" to members and opened up an opportunity for members to become involved in the project or to connect community members to the project.

In January, Stephen started a project where he is creating visual images of local leaders and community members who have insight about economic equality. Stephen meets with a person, photographs them, and asks the question: "What is the cause of economic inequality, and what is the solution?" The images are spread through social media.

Members also heard reports from members about KFTC's Appalachia's Bright Future conference and Week-in-Washington, as well as local committee work.DSCN0072

"After attending my first KFTC meeting I felt very energized, moved, and inspired. My interests were definitely tapped in a tangible, face to face, way which I really appreciated. I loved hearing about the Week-in-Washington as well as strategizing about upcoming electoral work in Kentucky. I thought Tim Buckingham was very engaging, entertaining, and on point with this communications training. I was particularly inspired by Stephen Dorsett's presentation on his new project, Picturing Equality. I loved the journey he took us through in describing his artwork, the inspiration he's gotten from others' artwork, and the passion he has for his current project. All in all, it was a wonderful experience that helped me to feel a strong sense of connectedness both with the like-minded people in the room, as well as the community at large," Nicole Lally said. 

Join us for the June Central Kentucky Annual Chapter Meeting on Thursday, June 20, 7 p.m. at the Episcopal Mission House on the corner of 4th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (across from The Living Arts and Science Center) in Lexington. Central Kentucky KFTC Chapter members will elect officers for KFTC's statewide committees, discuss KFTC's platform, vote to continue being a chapter, and find opportunities to serve on a local committee. Mark your calendars!

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