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Bowling Green Fair Housing Unity Fair!

The Bowling Green Fair Housing Coalition organized a Fair Housing Unity Fair on Dana and Molly at the Fair Housing FairSaturday that offered a fun time, good food, information about local resources, opportunities to organize, and inflated bouncies.

The event was the first big coalition event, and was part-kick off, part welcome party, and part invitation to get involved and to come to a candidate forum next week.

The Bowling Green Fair Housing Coalition is made up of local service, housing, and community organizations including KFTC.  Here are the coalition's guiding principles.

  • Everyone should have equal access to housing, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, or age.

  • Residents should have adequate access to affordable housing programs that will move people toward owning their homes.

  • Renters should have access to housing that is decent, safe, and sanitary, with affordable energy efficiency options.

  • Renters and landlords should have clarity about their rights and obligations.

  • Renters should have protections against unfair practices.
The Coalition also recently published an op-ed in the Bowling Green Daily News about the need for fair housing policies. You can read it here, and below is a short excerpt: 

Bowling Green is a growing city that’s preserved its small town feel, one of the reasons we love it. But small town folks know we can’t depend on handshakes to make sure that we’re all treated fairly. We need tools, a few rules everyone plays by.Most landlords in Bowling Green are fair. But we all know that we have a few bad apples. The impact of these bad apples, on individual families and on our community, is great, and the suffering they cause is substantial. We shouldn’t let these bad apples set the standard. Let’s put standards in place that obligate the bad apples to live up to our expectations.


 Get involved by coming to the Candidate Forum on October 28th!  It'll be held at State Street Baptist Church at 340 State Street from 6:30 to 8:30.

Jennifer Wurts athte Fair Housing Fair


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