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Immigrants' Rights

No policy of
terror in Kentucky

In 2011, an Arizona copy-cat was proposed here in Kentucky, Senate Bill 6. SB 6 would have mandated discrimination by requiring police officers to target people who seem like they might be undocumented.  KFTC was part of a broad effort that successfully defeated the bill.

Here is what some members said about SB 6.

Shekinah Lavalle“The Bill of Rights says that we’re all innocent until proven guilty, but this won’t be true for people with darker skin and accents.” 

Shekinah LaValle
Jefferson County


“SB 6 seeks to establish a sanctioned policy of terror that would systematically and willfully persecute Latinos living in Kentucky. It would wrongfully incarcerate innocent people for profit – including women and Juan Gutierrezchildren.

"This is a crime against humanity. This is wrong. It is wrong in Rwanda, it is wrong in Sudan, it is wrong in North Korea, China or Nazi Germany. It is also wrong in Kentucky.”

Juan Gutierrez
Bowling Green legal
permanent resident


Read an op-ed published in the Georgetown News-Graphic by Scott County member Homer White about SB 6.

Si Se Puede rally in 2006KFTC is working to create a society that supports the human rights of all people. We value the human rights of everyone, regardless of national origin, race, citizenship, immigration status or any other defining characteristic.

KFTC supports our allies in working for comprehensive immigration reform.

We also work to defend Kentucky against bad immigration legislation, especially attempts to divide our communities by colors and accents and places of birth. This is not what we want.

 We want protected communities. We canʼt afford mandated discrimination. We want to stand united. Kentucky canʼt afford to turn neighbor against neighbor.

Learn more about the contributions of immigrants to Kentucky here.

WMMT Community Corps interviews KFTC members on SB 6

WMMT, Whitesburg's Mountain Community Radio Station in Letcher County, offers ordinary citizens training and access to the tools they need to cover news that is important to them through the Community Correspondents Corps. Recently, Letcher County member Elizabeth Sanders teamed up with the Corps to report o

SB 6, the Arizona copycat bill, does not pass House Local Government Committee

SB 6 House committee hearing 2011

Senate Bill 6, the anti-immigrant, Arizona copycat bill sponsored by Sen. John Schickel and Sen. Brandon Smith received the second of two hearings Wednesday in the House Local Government Committee. The committee didn't vote on the bill but heard about an hour of testimony that ranged from insightful and educational to irrelevant and offensive.

Immigration Update

This past week, about 20 KFTC members and allies came to a House Local Government Committee hearing on Senate Bill 6, an anti-immigrant bill described in an earlier blog entry here.

The bill's sponsor, Senator John Schickle, argued in favor of passing the legislation, which he hoped would be successful in removing all undocumented immigrants from the state.

Other people testifying largely represented local jails, etc. who mostly spoke to the large costs that would be generated by enforcing a law like SB 6.

Immigration Op-Ed from Homer White

The below Op-Ed was written by Georgetown KFTC leader Homer White and appeared in this weekend's Georgetown News Graphic.


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