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E.g., 10/2019
E.g., 10/2019

Background Information about Voter Identification Laws in Kentucky and beyond

This document contains information about the current voter identification law in Kentucky, the impacts that proposed changes to the law may have on Kentuckians, KFTC's position on voter identification, and other resources.

Investing in the Economic Future of Eastern Kentucky

A new report by the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development calls for the creation of an Appalachian Planning and Development Fund to oversee strategic planning for the region and direct the use of some portion of severance tax funds. The report emphasizes that an open and inclusive process is as important as the funds themselves to producing positive outcomes.

Local Economies to Save the Land and People

Noted Kentucky farmer and author Wendell Berry spoke at the 2013 Annual Membership Meeting of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth. This is the text of his speech.

State level estimates of felon disenfranchisement, 2010 data

This report from the Sentencing Project provides state-by-state data about how many individuals have lost the right to vote due to a crazy-quilt pattern of laws that bar people convicted of a felony from voting. Kentucky is one of three states that bars more than 20% of voting age African Americans from voting. A total of 243,842 Kentuckians have lost the right to vote.

House Party Kit

Want to throw a KFTC House Party or Event? Here are some tools to help you get started!

Defining Fairness

WFPL-FM, public radio in Louisville, has produced a national award-winning (the Unity Award) series that looked at the issues facing diverse LGBTQ Louisvillians – race, religion, family, income, disability, and the struggles that fall outside the mainstream narrative of gay rights.

Schemes from the Boardroom: The War by Arch and Peabody on the Aging, Ill, and Disabled

This report delivers the findings of a hearing in April 2013 hearing with members of the United Mine Workers of America miners, their families and dependents who are threatened with loss of their health care benefits. Present were retirees and family members, clergy, community and health care officials, union leaders, and labor experts to address how St.

Renew Big Sandy Talking Points

Tips and talking points for people who would like to speak about a just transition during the public meetings that the KY Public Service Commission is holding on the proposed shut down of the Big Sandy power plant in Louisa.


ABF conference: Summary of Youth Perspectives on Appalachian Transition workshop

Notes summarizing the presentations and discussion during the Youth Perspectives on Appalachian Transition workshop during the Appalachia's Bright Future conference, Harlan, KY, 2013.

ABF conference: Summary of Funding a Just Transition workshop

Notes summarizing the presentations and discussion during the workshop on Funding a Just Transition during the Appalachia's Bright Future conference, Harlan, KY, April 2013.