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Monday, June 26, 2017
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Jerry Hardt
Communications Director

ONGOING: People’s Emergency Health Care Hearing

Since 4 p.m. Sunday dozens of Kentuckians have shared how affordable and accessible health care has changed their lives, and in many cases saved their lives or the lives of family members or patients. It's the People’s Emergency Health Care Hearing –  the public hearing that Senator Mitch McConnell refuses to allow – being hosted by his constituents.

Thousands have tuned in online to hear their testimony during the 25-hour online hearing, with many sharing how the Affordable Care Act has made a difference for them.

“Had I not had health insurance, I never would have had the blood work done that allowed me to discover that I have a rare form of cancer. [Now] without these medications, I would be dead in 3 years. What I want legislators to know is that our lives matter.” – Tamara Scull

“I don’t get to choose to not take my medicine. I can’t function without it. It’s not a matter of ‘is this something I want to do’. This is what I have to do to stay alive. Others like me are really scared with McConnell’s bill. We’re worried about what will happen.” – Jessica Blauw

Senator Mitch McConnell is determined to take life-giving health care away from millions of people. And, as Mary Love pointed out, “It’s particularly cruel Sen. McConnell has put this together in a way that will hurt Kentuckians more than anyone.”

"Prior to ACA, there was just not treatment for addiction. The effects were far reaching. With treatment, parents are getting sober, getting their children and jobs back." – Sheri Lynn Haas

"A lot of people choose between going bankrupt and saving their lives. That's just wrong." – Nicole Lally

These are the stories that Senator McConnell refuses to hear, and has blocked other senators and the public from hearing. That’s why KFTC is holding the People’s Emergency Health Care Hearing for 25 hours.

There also was analysis of the bill, McConnell's motivations and how extreme the measure really is.

“This bill does more than repeal Obamacare. It goes back to 1964 and ends the Medicaid program as we know it.” – Jason Bailey, Kentucky Center for Economic Policy

"It really just seems like a heartless plan … The bill is not really a health plan at all. It’s a plan to take away from the poor and give more to the rich." – Dr. J.D. Miller

The online hearing continues until 5 p.m. ET today at or the Facebook page of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth.

"I want to dream big. I want great things for my family
and community. We have to create a bold vision. And we
are going to have to fight for it." – Jeanie Smith

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