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New Energy and Transition Resources

E.g., 01/2020
E.g., 01/2020

Pedernales (TX) Co-op Members' Bill of Rights

Pedernales Electric Cooperative members

The Members' Bill of Rights passed by the board of directors of the Pedernales Electric Cooperative in Texas.

Questions for Getting Started with Co-op Reform

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

A series of questions for co-op members to consider where to begin getting started with co-op reform.

How To Have an Impact on Your Rural Electric Cooperative

Western Organization of Resource Councils

A four-page booklet on the background of rural electric cooperatives, tips for getting involved, and co-op role models. The information is not specific to Kentucky, but is a good general resource for getting involved in your rural electric co-op.

East Kentucky Power Service Area

KY Public Service Commission, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

A map (originally from the KY Public Service Commission) modified to show all the 16 distribution cooperatives who receive energy from the East Kentucky Power Cooperative.

Clean Energy Collaborative Charter

East Kentucky Power, KFTC, et al

The Clean Energy Collaborative 1-pager

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

A 1-page handout that's an overview of the Clean Energy Collaborative of which KFTC is a part with other allies, the East Kentucky Power Cooperative, and the 16 rural electric cooperatives served by EKPC.

KFTC's Platform of Rural Electric Cooperative Reforms

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

This .pdf contains KFTC's platform of the reforms we're working toward in the rural electric cooperatives. This platform was developed by KFTC members and approved by KFTC's Steering Committee in 2010.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

This database has information about renewable and efficiency programs in all 50 states. Click here to visit the site.

North Carolina REPS

North Carolina Utilities Commission

North Carolina has adopted a Renewable and Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS). Click here to learn more.

Ohio's Advanced Energy Plan

Ohio Department of Development

Ohio has embraced what it calls "Advanced Energy." Click here to read about Ohio's commitment.