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New Energy and Transition Resources

E.g., 01/2020
E.g., 01/2020

A Cooperative Approach to Renewing East Kentucky

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth / Sara Pennington and Randy Wilson

This article, written by KFTC members Randy Wilson and Sara Pennington, describes a vision for how Kentucky's rural electric cooperatives could help drive job creation, energy savings, and renewable energy production across eastern and central Kentucky.

Transition Culture Website

Transition Town Network / Rob Hopkins

This website features articles, stories and resources about people all over the world working to create more resilient and sustainable communities.

Essays about Appalachian Transition

Mountain Association for Community Economic Development

This website lists more than a dozen essays from regional writers, thinkers and doers about what is needed and what is possible to begin the process of a just economic transition in the mountains.

Making Connections Website


This website is a project of Appalshop, a media and cultural center based in Whitesburg, Kentucky. It features audio, video, and print profiles of innovative people and places in Central Appalachia that are helping to lead the way for economic transition in the mountains.

Appalachian Transition Website

Mountain Association for Community Economic Development and Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

This website is a joint project of the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED) and Kentuckians For The Commonwealth. It contains useful analysis, resources, case studies and examples about the opportunity and need for a just economic transition in Appalachia.

Kentucky's Clean Energy Momentum

Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance

Gives information about clean energy success stories in Kentucky and describes how a large pool of grant money that went to counties for clean energy work was used.

The Solar Industry in Kentucky: A Brief Review

Kentucky Solar Partnership

Gives an overview of current solar business and manufacuring in the state as well as a review of the potential in this area.

Wind Power Manufacturing Opportunities in Kentucky

American Wind Energy Association

A presentation that reviews the growth of the wind industry in the U.S. and discusses what Kentucky companies are already employing people to manufacture parts for wind turbines as well as our potential for job growth in this sector.

Feed In Tariffs - A Policy for Rapidly Expanding Renewable Energy Deployment

Kentucky Solar Partnership

Explains how feed in tariffs, which establish contract terms and payment rates that utilities would pay in-state renewable energy producers, work and discusses successes seen around the world from using them.

Insights from drafting & passage of North Carolina's REPS law

North Carolina Sustainable Energy Organization

Reviews North Carolina's process of passing statewide renewable energy and energy efficiency goals and details the benefits, including the createion of thousands of jobs, that the state has seen as a result of doing so.