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Economic Justice Resources

E.g., 01/2021
E.g., 01/2021

Kentucky Deserves Better slideshow

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

This presentation was created to kick off our Kentucky Deserves Better campaign.  It outlines the many ways in which eastern Kentucky's congressional representative Hal Rogers has failed his constituents in his 30-plus year tenure.  The presentation also outlines the opportunities we now have to improve the 5th District.

Raising the Bar: Kentucky's Real Budget Report

Kentucky Economic Justice Alliance

A report released by KFTC and the Kentucky Economic Justice Alliance in 2005.  Raising The Bar: Kentucky's Real Budget Report is an effort to inform and provoke public dialogue about the needs for greater investment in Kentucky's public services and future.

KFTC's "Blue Ribbon" Tax Justice Web Workshop

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

This webinar offers a brief overview of Kentucky's tax and budget landscape, and offers tools and resources to participate in the Blue Ribbon Tax Commission Public Input Meetings. The webinars are being offered throughout the summer, and we'd love to have you join us for some workshopping that we'll do during the webinar.  But if you miss the webinar you can find it here.

Blue Ribbon Commission: Framework for Statements

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

This framework is one way for members to stand with each other, and offer strategic and specific policy options that KFTC supports.  Feel free to use it for delivering comments.


Blue Ribbon Commission: Policy Talking Points

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Planning on speaking at the Blue Ribbon Tax Reform Public Input meetings?  These talking points were designed to help you articulate some of KFTC's specific policy proposals and positions.

Kentucky Forward Plan handout

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

This fact sheet describes the Kentucky Forward tax reform plan.

Tuition and Taxes handout

Information on how Kentucky's broken tax system is impacting tuition at our state universities.

Inadequate Tax System Has Big Role in Austere Budget

Kentucky Center for Economic Policy

While the still-weak economy and the end of federal recovery-related assistance are important factors in the tight budget now being considered in Frankfort, long-term structural problems with Kentucky’s tax system also play a big role.

Budget Would Further Reduce College Affordability

Kentucky Center for Economic Policy

 The barriers to affordable higher education – especially for low-income Kentuckians – will continue to grow under a budget that cuts funding to postsecondary institutions and limits need-based financial aid.