Chapter: Shelby County

The Saddlebred Horse Capital of the World is the home of the Shelby County KFTC group, which became an official chapter in October 2012. The Shelby County Horse Fair each June represents just one slice of the extensive agricultural diversity that exists cheek-by-jowl with rapid residential and commercial development.

Shelby Countians seeking to make positive change in our community have been working since 2012 to reform the Shelby Energy Rural Electic Cooperative, and have started work on other issues of economic and social justice, including putting an end to wage theft, discrimination and animal cruelty.

We welcome everyone interested in improving economic and social justice in Shelby County. Please join us is building a more modern, just, equal and strong Shelby County.

Recent Activities

Shelby County pie auction fun and fundraising

Shelby County Pie Auction September 18, 2014The Shelby County KFTC Chapter raised more than $800 at its first Pie Auction September 18.

About 30 people bid on 13 pies (including a cake and a cobbler), with winning bids ranging from $35 to $100. People also purchased KFTC shirts and hats and made direct donations.

KFTC members and friends who contributed pies went to the effort of making two of each: one for auction and one for tasting before the bidding began.  Goods included derby pie, chocolate pie, peach cobbler, Belgian butter cookie cake, chess pie, lemon meringue pie and others. During the tasting, the talented Susi Wood entertained the crowd with live acoustic music.<--break->

Many accomplishments celebrated at Shelby chapter annual meeting

Music, food and new faces highlighted the second annual chapter meeting of Shelby County KFTC Chapter on June 19. More than 30 members and friends attended, including at least 10 who are new to chapter meetings.

Almost half of the chapter’s 67 members were present to review the organization’s platform and to celebrate work accomplished over the past year, as well as to discuss work to come. The scene was energetic and welcoming at the unassuming Stratton Community Center in Shelbyville, where a delicious spread was bracketed by homemade pies. The pies fueled much conversation and inspiration for the group’s upcoming pie auction in September.

Eminent domain bill with broad support stalled in House

UPDATE: NOW STALLED IN SENATE. After nearly an hour-long debate on Friday, March 21, the House approved HB 31 by a 75-16 vote (see how they voted HERE). Rep. John Tilley and Rep. David Floyd argued passionately for the bill while several legislators representing the Bluegrass Pipeline partners argued in opposition. Now the bill is stalled in the Senate, where Republican leaders won't let it move.

Legislation to clarify that landowners have the right to decline easements for private pipeline projects across their land has been stuck in the Kentucky House.

After two meetings in February, the House Judiciary Committee approved a committee substitute for House Bill 31. The vote was 11-1 on February 26, with 11 votes being the minimum needed. Nine members of the committee were either absent or abstained from voting.

Shelby County KFTC members call on REC to pass a Member's Bill of Rights

Shelby KFTC members addressed the Shelby Energy Rural Electric Co-op Board of Directors Nov. 25 and asked them to adopt a Members Board of Rights that guarantees fair elections, open meetings and open records.

Although the board members did not respond to the request, Shelby KFTC members felt they made a positive impression on the Board.

photo (1)

"They listened attentively but didn't ask a single question," Patrick King, a Shelby Energy member/owner said, noting that the board has had copies of the proposed Members Bill of Rights for more than a year. "The overall impression was not negative. I think we caught their attention in a couple places. I believe they were listening."

Shelby County KFTC members help Light Up Shelbyville!

There's nothing like free sweets and warm drinks on a cool day to draw the crowd to your table.

Shelby KFTC and Fairness Shelbyville offered cookies, brownies, cupcakes and hot cider at Light Up Shelbyville October 10.  Refreshments gave us a chance to invite people to our monthly meeting; offer brochures and flyers about Kynect, reforming Shelby Energy, fighting the Bluegrass Pipeline and passing a Fairness Ordinance, and promote our Nov. 21 Chili Supper fundraiser.

Light Up ShelbvyilleWe introduced ourselves to a lot of people who did not know about us, distributed dozens of Kynect tote bags with flyers on signing up for insurance and gave membership and meeting information to a number of people who expressed interest in joining KFTC.

It was our most successful tabling event to date, and we are looking forward to making the next one even better.

Members Ann Ellerkamp, Jane Thomas, Leslie McBride and Lisa Aug provided refreshments, and Patrick King, Cynthia Dare and Chris Hartman provided materials and support.


Regular Meetings:

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Stratton Center
215 Washington Street
Shelbyville, KY 40065
Monthly chapter meeting

We meet at 6 p.m. on the third Thursday every month. All are welcome.

Chapter Organizer:

Carissa Lenfert

Upcoming Events:

December 20

Shelby County KFTC Chapter Meeting

215 Washington St.
Shelbyville, KY 40065

Join us the third Thursday of every month at the Stratton Community Center for the Shelby County KFTC chapter meeting.

January 17

Shelby County KFTC Chapter Meeting

215 Washington St.
Shelbyville, KY 40065

Join us the third Thursday of every month at the Stratton Community Center for the Shelby County KFTC chapter meeting.