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The Central Kentucky chapter is one of the oldest chapters within KFTC. We are a diverse group of people who care about making our communities healthy and safe for all people. Our chapter members are interested in a range of issues, but currently we are working on educating folks about democracy through our voter empowerment work. We're also focusing on building economic, environmental and racial justice in Lexington and the Central Kentucky area. Please join us at our next chapter meeting or at one of our upcoming events. Meet other chapter members to learn about the exciting work we're doing and how you can be a part of it!

Recent Activities

Central Kentucky members learn communications and tap into local art at May chapter meeting

The Central Kentucky KFTC Chapter held its May chapter meeting on Thursday, May 16 at the Episcopal Mission House. The room was full with more than 20 members, including several who were attending the meeting for the first time.

DSCN0076The meeting focused on using communications for the work of justice. KFTC Communications Team member Tim Buckingham gave a presentation to members on the most effective ways to get their message heard in an age where we are bombarded with tons of information on a daily basis. Members learned best practices for working with the media and tips on writing letters to the editor, as well as framing our message based on our personal stories and our vision of what we want to see for Kentucky. Tim challenged members by asking: "The task of communication can feel daunting. Authenticity is the key. How will you engage other humans in a meaningful way?"

56th District Special Election coming up June 25th

IMG_0574Representative Carl Rollins (D) stepped down from his legislative seat a few weeks ago, which covers Woodford County, parts of Franklin County, and a small piece of western Fayette County.   There will be a special election to fill the vacancy. 

The election is set for Tuesday, June 25th and polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The deadline to register to vote for this election for people who live in the district but are not yet registered is May 28th. 

On the ballot are:

Central Kentucky chapter remembers Danny Cotton and envisions what Kentucky deserves at chapter meeting


The chapter held its monthly chapter meeting on Thursday, April 18th at 7 p.m. at The Episcopal Mission House. Chapter members used this space to remember fellow KFTC member Danny Cotton and reflect on the spirit and energy that he brought to the chapter and everyone around him. “The Commonwealth did not have enough time with Danny. He had a deeply rooted sense of place here and he devoted the time he had to fighting for and loving this place,” KFTC member Greg Capillo said.

In honor of Danny, KFTC chapter members thought of what they each believed Kentucky deserves and wrote Tumbler messages expressing their vision for Kentucky and their disappointment about how the sequester that Mitch McConnell demanded might adversely affect that vision.

Danny Cotton - We were lucky to have him

Danny Cotton, a KFTC leader and member of the Central KY Chapter and the statewide Voter Empowerment Strategy Team passed away earlier this month.  He was 27 years old.

He was a writer, an activist, a great thinker, and a great friend to many of us.  

KFTC first got to meet Danny at Fancy Farm, a political event in far Western KY.  Even before we met, he was holding a big sign opposing a massive state subsidy for Peabody Coal.

After that, Danny became one of our most prolific citizen lobbyists, visiting Frankfort day after day to talk to legislators about a range of issues important to him, though he focused voting rights issues.

And he returned to Fancy Farm and dozens of other events every year, usually in his trademark green KFTC t-shirt with its sleeves cut off.  

He was also a KFTC intern while he studied at UK, and helped to form the UK KFTC group which is still doing great things today.

Danny also loved registering and mobilizing voters and he was good at it, participating in large scale voter registration events in Lexington that brought in hundreds of new voters to build up our Democracy.  

After his funeral over a dozen former UK KFTC members who went to school with Danny gathered for a cook out, to listen to some of Danny's favorite music (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Led Zeppelin), read some of the things he'd written, told stories about Danny's life.

Stories shared from around the room shifted from off-color stories of shenanigans and misadventures to moments of profound levity, admiration, regret, and hope - the kind of sense one might get from reading Mark Twain or talking to Danny Cotton.

"Danny was a good friend and a good man. His loyalty and friendship was always something I could count on. His passion and empathy will truly be missed" - John Ghaelian

"He was a genuinely kind and understanding person -- the kind that we need more of in this world." - Wesley Robinson

Rally for Immigration Reform and Legalization with Dignity

gDSC_0336Last week, a number of Ketucky Immigrant Rights groups got together with allies like KFTC and held the Rally for Immigration Reform and Legalization with Dignity.  The event was timed in solidarity with numerous other immigrants' rights rallies happening across the US including a main event in Washington, DC.


Regular Meetings:

Episcopal Mission House
203 E. 4th St.
Lexington, KY 40508
CKY KFTC monthly chapter meeting

We meet every 3rd Thursday of the month at 7 PM at the Episcopal Mission House at the corner of 4th St. and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd (across the street from the Living Arts & Science Center) in Lexington.

Meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to attend.

Chapter Organizer:

Meredith Wadlington
250 Plaza Dr.
Suite #4
Lexington, KY 40508