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Sustainable Energy resources

National Survey Results: Bipartisan Majority of Americans Want Clean Energy

A national survey conducted in March 2012 shows overwhelming and bipartisan support for clean energy policies that go far beyond what is currently in place, especially in Kentucky. More than 80 percent of the 1,019 people asked agreed with the statement: “The time is now for a new, grassroots-driven politics to realize a renewable energy future.”

Source/Author: Civil Society Institute

The Prairie State Coal Plant: The Reality vs. the Promise

This report describes why communities that bought shares of the new Prairie State coal project face higher than projected initial costs and significant economic risks for the future. 

Source/Author: Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis

Lobbying Guide for the Clean Energy Opportunity Act

Gives an overview of how to talk with legislators about the benefits Kentuckians will gain from the Clean Energy Opportunity Act.

Source/Author: Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Benham Community Energy Initiative

Source/Author: MIT Community Innovators Lab

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

This database has information about renewable and efficiency programs in all 50 states. Click here to visit the site.

Source/Author: Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

North Carolina REPS

North Carolina has adopted a Renewable and Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS). Click here to learn more.

Source/Author: North Carolina Utilities Commission

Ohio's Advanced Energy Plan

Ohio has embraced what it calls "Advanced Energy." Click here to read about Ohio's commitment.

Source/Author: Ohio Department of Development

Kentucky Solar Energy Society

Kentucky Solar Energy Society includes solar professionals, engineers, concerned citizens, educators, goatherders, lawyers, government officials and utility company representatives. All want to make Kentucky stronger, healthier, more productive and more secure through energy efficiency and renewable energy.Click here to visit their website.

Source/Author: Kentucky Solar Energy Society

Kentucky Solar Partnership

The Kentucky Solar Partnership is a project of Appalachia - Science in the Public Interest to give voice to members of our community who want the use of solar energy to flourish in our state. Click to visit their website.

Source/Author: Kentucky Solar Partnership

New Power Video: Elijah and Guylaine Collett

Elijah and Guylaine Collette started adding solar panels in 2000 and now have a large array at their home in Leslie County.

Source/Author: KFTC