Policy and legislation

KySEA Clean Energy Lobby Day
To renew east Kentucky and to build New Power, we will need to organize for changes both within the co-ops as well as on the state and federal level to advance policies and legislation that support and fund clean energy and energy efficiency.

KySEA and the Clean Energy Opportunity Act

To this end, KFTC participates in the Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance (KySEA) and has supported the Clean Energy Opportunity Act that has been introduced in the Kentucky General Assembly each year since 2011. The Act would push the electric utilities in Kentucky – including the rural electric co-ops – to get a larger percentage of their power from renewable energy sources and to increase their energy savings programs.

The Clean Energy Opportunity Act would create a Reneweable and Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS) which requires the utilities to have 12.5% of the energy come from clean, renewable sources within 10 years, with at least 1% of that energy coming from solar. To learn more about the REPS in the bill, click here.

The Act would also create a Feed-in Tariff, which would provide guaranteed payments for people who want to produce renewable energy. KySEA has more information here.

Federal funding for energy efficiency programs

KFTC also supports policy and legislation that would bring resources to the co-ops to do more energy efficiency and renewable energy. In the last Congress, we supported the "Rural Star" bill (officially called the Rural Energy Savings Program Act).  The bill would have provided rural utilities, including the rural electric co-ops, with the means to help folks with the up-front costs of financing energy efficient upgrades to their homes; these utility customers would pay back the utilities on their bill with part of their savings.

You can learn more about KFTC's support of the 2010 Rural Star bill here and here on our blog.