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Electric Utilities Web Map

Kentucky has over 50 electric utilities. Energy rates, monthly bills, and availability of energy efficiency programs like on-bill financing, and energy affordability experienced by Kentuckians vary for each utility across the state. 

That's a lot of information to keep track of so we made a web map. Go to https://kftc.github.io/utility/ to explore the data. 

Explore the map.

  • Type in an address and zoom to it or pan around the map with your cursor, zooming in and out.
  • Electric utilities are color-coded. Click anywhere to view utility-specific information. 
  • Toogle on and off different map layers, including county boundaries and a layer with results from our Electricity Energy Burden Analysis. 
  • Click the "About This Map" button for information about data sources and methodologies used to create this map. 

Exploring the data.

In early 2018, we collected data for each electric utility across the state, including base fee, energy charge, on-bill financing programs, and more. Use the spreadsheet to find all electric utilities within a certain county and then view utility-specific data. 

Ky Electric Providers (data as of Feb 2018) Google Sheet