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She can't speak out, so she's asking you to

As you've probably heard, President Obama and House and Senate leaders are meeting to try to come up with a budget that takes us through the end of this fiscal year, up to September.  Speaker Boehner (OH) is not only not compromising on the Rep Roger's proposed cuts, which are draconian by any sensible measure, but has also been increasing the cuts as the negotiations proceed.  It's not clear that a shutdown will be avoided.

There are lots of ramifications to federal cuts, and some have been covered in the media.  You can read about one example that illustrates some if the breadth of the impacts and includes a Kentucky voice on Joe Sonka's blog,

Below is another story of the impact of a federal shutdown.  As a federal employee, she's been warned that she can't speak out.  So she's asking her friends and family to speak out for her.  We offer her note as an example of how the federal shutdown is impacting Kentuckians, and also to lift up her request for her friends and family to support the Fairness in Taxation Act as a good solution, and an alternative to harmful cuts that would have long-lasting effects on Kentuckians.

Sorry for the mass tagging, but this affects my limited income, and I'm not allowed to do or say anything about it personally. But, as far as I know, you can do/say for me!

If the federal government shuts down this weekend, I - a seasonal [federal worker] who makes less than $30,000 a year and has no health insurance - will not get paid. I'm not allowed to call my congresspeople and tell them that I need the money and that I'm mad that their inability to do their job is going to cause me to lose needed income.

So this is where you come in.  I need you, am begging you, to CALL your Congress people ( to find their numbers) and let them know that:

"I have a friend/relative who works for as a seasonal federal employee making less than $30,000 a year with no insurance. She needs that money - and if you shut-down the government you'll be taking it away from her. She's not allowed to tell you how you're hurting her as a federal employee because she works for the federal government. So I wanted to speak up on her behalf.  Don't shutdown the government. Do your job. Find solutions. Pass a budget."

Or something like that.

Also, it would be super awesome to let your member of the House of Representatives know (in addition to how mad I am) what these better alternatives are to cutting needed programs. Ask them to support the Fairness in Taxation Act - you can email and call them on this at:

You know I love to talk. This time I'm not allowed. I NEED YOU to do it for me. Please.


[KFTC member]

Thanks to this member for letting us share her note, and for her work as a public employee!

What do you think of this budget process? 

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