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Kentuckians would lose thousands under House "replacement" health care plan

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An analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation has found that the "American Health Care Act" – the House GOP's plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act – would disproportionately cut tax credits used by low-income, older Kentuckians to help them buy health insurance. That would cause many to fall into poverty or lose coverage altogether.

Kentucky counties would face tax credit cuts from 32% to as much as 71%. Here's how much annual assistance is reduced for a 60-year-old Kentuckian making $20,000 a year in a handful of counties:

  • Pike: -$6,140
  • Pulaski: -$3,220
  • Fayette: -$2,550
  • Logan -$5,800
  • Campbell -$3,390

Find your county here. You can vary the map based on age and income level.


This bill is moving fast! Call your House Representative. Let them know that the American Health Care Act will hurt Kentuckians.

Use the Fact Sheet from Kentucky Voices for Health. Tell them that Kentuckians deserve a public process, with a "CBO score," before they vote on a bill to take coverage away from millions.

Voice your opposition to any cuts in premium tax credits, Medicaid, and funding for Planned Parenthood. Ask them to improve the Affordable Care Act – not gut it.
You can find contact info here or use the Families USA number: 866-426-2631.

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