Footprints for Peace begins annual walk to I Love Mountains Day | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Footprints for Peace begins annual walk to I Love Mountains Day

Perry County member Russell OliverOn Friday, more than a dozen people met in Prestonsburg and began a two-week walk to Frankfort, where they will join more than a thousand other people at I Love Mountains Day.

The Walk for a Sustainable Future, organized by Footprints for Peace, calls attention to the destruction created by mountaintop removal coal mining in Kentucky and the need to begin a just transition to a more diverse, sustainable, and thriving economy in the mountains.

Walkers average between thirteen and sixteen miles each day, traveling the back roads through Kentucky and staying in people’s homes and community churches along the way.

You can keep up with the walkers and get updates from the road at Or you can hear more about their journey from the stage at the river this year at I Love Mountains Day.


Wow!  I had no idea people are doing this. That is amazing and I really hope to join them on the 12th!

Wow for sure!  It makes me proud to see you carrying the KFTC flag again this year, Russell.  As Doug once said, you're one of the bravest people I know!  

I carried the flag through coal country:  from Prestonsburg to about a mile from Campton.  I had knee problems, and Foot Prints For Peace carried the flag the rest of the way to Frankfort.  I helt the flag very high going through the heart of coal country.  I helt the KFTC flag especially high when we went through coal country that "Friends of Coal" came out to protest us.Some people along the walk said at least some people were attempting to do something to help the area of E. KY, referring to us the walkers.  People all along the walking route showed there support for the walkers; and some people asked if there was anyway that they could help us.those who protested us along the walk were not mean spirituted and they have the constitutional right too stand up for their support of coal.Many along the walk wanted to talk with us about the march.  Footprints for peace gave them pocket sized information about the walk and kftc's information about ending mountaintop removal and jobs with a sustainable future: jobs that are friendly too the environment and liveable wage jobs were people can support their families.I was the only member from Eastern KY who marched the whole march.  You can march only a few feet if you wish.  You don't have to march the full 160 plus mile march like i did.  I wish more people would march a few feet with us or come by and visit the marchers at the end of the day and met the marchers.The march takes the message of kftc to the people of East KY:  The rally at the Capitol at "I Love Mountain's Day" takes the message to the politicians:  Both are needed in a democracy.KFTC is a democratic organization.  Seldom does any member of kftc get all that they want:  sometimes you only get a little of what you want: and sometimes you don't get anything that you want:  that is the way a true democratic nonprofit is. That is why KFTC is such a strong and effective organization.Maybe next year KFTC can help organize meetings with the local people living along the march: with Footprints for Peace and KFTC organizers and members of KFTC attending those local meetings.  The people along the march want to talk with the marchers and express themselves and learn why we march.  Some people followed us miles beyond their homes to ask why we were marching and others wanted to express there defense of coal jobs that are being lost and in danger of being loss in the future.Footprints for peace would like for local people living in the areas that we marched to march with us and show their support.KFTC has the potential to get new members in those areas that we marched.    

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