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Certified election results should be respected by House leaders

KFTC is working for a healthy democracy – one in which our votes matter. Republican House leadership is taking up the cause of a losing candidate who is contesting Rep. JimGlenn’s election to the House. And now, Kentuckians’ votes could get upended by a coin toss and a House with a Republican supermajority.  

The Election Contest Board – six Republicans and three Democrats – ordered a recount even though the losing candidate had already waived his opportunity for an official and legal recount. This resulted in counting some ballots that had previously been unanimously ruled improper by the local board of elections. That recount resulted in the same number of votes for each candidate – a tie.

Nobody seems to know what happens from here. According to accepted Kentucky statute and practice, appeals of election results should be taken to the impartial courts, not the legislative branch. Because the House leaders acted irresponsibly, the next steps are unclear. A possible decider is a version of a coin toss. But the House – a partisan body with a Republican super-majority and a short but consistent history of disregarding practices of good government and a healthy democracy – claims to have the final say.

Representative Jim Glenn was voted in by his constituents, his election was certified by the State Board of Elections, and he’s been sworn in. The House has no place in undermining that election process and outcome. It’s already set a harmful precedent by undermining the County Board of Elections, the Secretary of State, and the court system. The House should work to mitigate its damage.

Take Action

Call the Legislative Message Line today at 800-372-7181. Leave a message for your representative and for "House leaders." The message line is open until 9 p.m. tonight and beginning at 7 a.m. tomorrow.

"Our votes should count. I support the affirmation of Rep. Jim Glenn’s election, and encourage you to work to stop the House’s undermining of our democratic process. Please affirm the election of Rep. Jim Glenn."

Thank you for taking action!