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Central Kentucky KFTC hosts #Kentucky Trivia

The Central Kentucky Chapter of KFTC hosted their first installment of #KentuckyTrivia on Wednesday, June 29 at the West Sixth Brewery Green Room in Lexington. Kentucky Trivia, CKY

In partnership with Kentucky For Kentucky and West Sixth Brewery, KFTC members organized and created a fun space to learn and celebrate the best of these United States. Trivia hosts and KFTC members Chuck Clenney (also with Lexington Community Radio) and Meredith Wadlington kept the event lively and fun."This event was Kentucky edutainment at it's finest! It was so much fun hosting and we all learned a lot and, even though there was only 1 winning team, I think we all won in the end,” Clenney said.

Trivia questions ranged from Kentucky History and Geography to Kentucky Pop Culture. Perhaps the most fun portion of the evening was when participants were asked to send up the most outgoing member of their team to sing the chorus from a song by beloved Kentucky music legend Loretta Lynn. CKY member Chris Woolery hopes #KentuckyTrivia becomes a regular event. “I really enjoyed meeting some new folks and getting embarrassed by my lack of Loretta Lynn knowledge. If only you’d asked me to sing some Chris Stapleton instead,” Woolery said.

Kentucky Trivia, CKYThe winning team was awarded merchandise from KFTC, Kentucky For Kentucky, and West Sixth Brewery. Best Team name was also awarded (Kentuck-U-Up), as well as a special gift for the team with the least amount of points. The chapter raised around $350 and welcomed 13 new members from the event. “Trivia is one of my favorite activities so I was really excited to host this event at one of my favorite breweries.” Meredith Wadlington said. “Kentucky for Kentucky really threw us a curve ball with some pretty tough questions. Still, I was so impressed with the energy and the engagement from the participants. I think my favorite part was the secret surprise half-time round. Everyone really brought their A-game, even if they didn't have the right answer. We have some pretty creative and fearless members. I laughed so hard! I couldn't believe how smoothly the night went. Everything seemed to go off without a hitch, thanks to the hard work from lots of volunteers. We heard some really powerful stories from a few members who love this organization. I was so excited to see 13 new members join KFTC!”

 And the best part? #KentuckyTrivia is portable. The CKY chapter is working on putting together a toolkit so that the event can be replicated in chapters around the state. For more information or to help plan a #KentuckyTrivia event in your area, check with your chapter organizer.