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War on the Poor 2020

House Bill Number: 

House Bill 1 would make it harder for Kentuckians to get help for food, doctor’s appointments, child care, and more – right when we need it the most.  HB 1's provisions undermine health care and Medicaid, SNAP & food benefits, and more. The bill is a War on the Poor, creating more obstacles for Kentuckians who are already struggling to make ends meet. A House committee amendment did not change the basic puntitive intent of this bill.

KFTC's House Bill 1 handout (This is for the original bill. We'll update this as soon as we can with the impacts of the amendments and the committee substitute. The only substantial change that we've tracked is that the bill no longer bans people with drug convictions from Medicaid, SNAP, and cash assisstance.)

House Bill 1 Proposes Costly and Unworkable Barriers to Well-Being (Kentucky Center for Economic Policy)

Bill Sponsor(s): 
D. Meade, D. Osborne, C. McCoy, S. Miles, J. Tipton

In 2019, lawmakers worked to advance legislation dubbed "War on the Poor." This year's bill is somewhat different in it's details, the same intentions have driven both efforts, to damage programs that help poor and working class folks. 

HB 1 was fast-tracked by House Republicans who gave the unamended version of the bill a reading on the House floor even before it came up in committee. The House Health & Family Services Committee approved the bill with a minor amendment on February 20 by a 12-7 vote (see how committee members voted).

HB 1 received immediate approval by the Rules Committee and then by the full House, after it defeated several floor amendments that would have improved the bill, 58-32, on February 21 (see how they voted). 

In the Senate, HB 1 is ssigned to the Health & Welfare Committee. On March 17, Senate Republican leaders began fast tracking the bill for quick passage on the Senate floor.

KFTC's Position: 
KFTC Opposes