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Restrictive Voter ID

Senate Bill Number: 

Senate Bill 2 contains a variety of provisions adding restrictive requirements for voter IDs and provisional ballots. This bill requires voters to have a photo ID to cast a ballot instead of the variety of identification methods currently allowed.

More information here: Kentucky bill would make it harder for formerly incarcerated people to vote

Bill Sponsor(s): 
R. Mills, D. Thayer, + 10 others

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Senate Bill 2 passed the Senate State & Local Government Committee by an 8-3 vote on January 22, and because it was fast-tracked by Senate Republicans got a vote by the full Senate the following day and passed, 29-9. See how Senate committee members voted. See how the full Senate voted.

SB 2, with a committee substitute, was approved by the House Elections, Constitutional Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, 11-7, on February 20 (see how committee members voted). Forty-two floor amendments were filed in attempt to improve the bill. House Speaker David Osborne would not allow most of them to be heard. On March 3, SB 2 passed the House, 62-35, with all Republicans voting for it and most Democrats voting against the more restrictive voter law (see how House members voted). 

On March 5, however, the Senate rejected the House's modest changes. On March 10, the House refused to recede from its changes. Both chambers appointed members to a conference committee, and on March 17 the committee reported that it could not agree on a compromise. This was not an unusual or unexpected outcome as it allowed a Free Conference Committee to be appointed, with more leeway in what it can put into a final bill.

The Free Conference Committee reported its final version of the bill on March 19, and both chamber quickly approved it (the Senate 25-2 and the House 58-25). On April 3, Gov. Beshear vetoed SB 2, acknowledging that it would create a barrier to voting when, because of the public health crisis, many offices where an ID could be obtained are closed.

On April 14, legislators overrode the veto, 27-6 in the Senate and 60-29 in the House. See SB 2 vote history.

KFTC's Position: 
KFTC Opposes