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Restore Voting Rights

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House Bill 6 proposed amending the Kentucky Constitution to restore voting rights to those who have a felony conviction once their sentence is completed. It would send the amendment to Kentucky voters for ratification.

KFTC HB 6 Handout

Bill Sponsor(s): 
C. Booker, C. Stevenson

HB 6 was a clean version of the Voting Rights bill with no exclusions based on the kinds of felonies. Everyone would get their right to vote after they’ve completed their prison time, probation, and/or parole. KFTC works to restore voting rights for folks who have a felony conviction in their past without exception. 

Many of the provisions in HB 6 were included in a House Elections & Constitutional Amendments Committee substitute to Senate Bill 62, which had already passed the Senate and made it as far as the House floor. However, House GOP leaders did not call SB 62for a vote.

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