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Restoration of Voting Rights

Senate Bill Number: 

As originally introduced, Senate Bill 62 proposed to allow the legislature to decide at some point in the future whether to give some people their right to vote back, though with numerous restrictions. Almost all of the people who possibly could get back the right to vote that way already got back their right to vote through Governor Beshear's Executive Action.

A committee substitute approved by the House Elections & Constitutional Amendments Committee, 15-0, on March 12, improved the bill in significant ways. This House committee substitute provided for automatic restoration of voting rights with only a couple of exclusions for voter fraud and treason, and voting rights restoration would be automatic and immediate after completion of sentence, probation and parole. There is a 5-year waiting period for the restoration of all other civil rights, such as serving on a jury, holding public office, etc.

Bill Sponsor(s): 
Sen. Jimmy Higdon

KFTC supports a "clean" voting rights bill (such as HB 6) that excludes no one and includes no waiting period. 

SB 62, as originally filed and KFTC opposed, was approved by the Senate State & Local Government Committee on February 19 (see committee vote tally), and by the full Senate, 29-7, on February 27 (see Senate vote tally).

On March 12, a committee substitute (see column to the left) to SB 62 was approved by the House Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs Committee. However, House GOP leaders did not bring the bill to a vote before the full House before the session adjourned.

KFTC's Position: 
KFTC Supports