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Raise Minimum Wage

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House Bill 39 and Senate Bill 13 would have raised the state minimum wage to $8.20 per hour in 2020 with annual increases until it reached $15 in 2027; also raised the minimum wage for tipped employees to $2.13 and incrementally until it reached $4.90 in 2023; the bills included language permitting local governments to establish minimum wage ordinances in excess of the state minimum wage.

Bill Sponsor(s): 
Reps. K. Hinkle + 13 others, & Sen. R. Thomas

KFTC's platform calls for a living wage for all Kentuckians.

House Bill 39 was assigned to the House Economic Development & Workforce Investment Committee.

Senate Bill 13 was assigned to the Senate Appropriations & Revenue Committee.

House and Senate GOP leaders did not allow a hearing or a vote on the bills.

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