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Family Separation Bill

Senate Bill Number: 

Senate Bill 1 requires all state agencies to comply with federal anti-immigration enforcement; bars DACA (Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals) students and students without documentation from enrollment in higher education; prohibits any sanctuary spaces, and more.

KFTC SB 1 Handout

Harsh Measure Threatens Kentucky’s Families and Finances


Bill Sponsor(s): 
D. Carroll, J. Schickel, D. Thayer + other Republicans

KFTC's platform supports the right of residents who are undocumented to be treated with the respect and dignity that all human beings are entitled to. We acknowledge the legality of all peoples' right to seek asylum, and we seek the end of family separation, detentions and criminal prosecutions of immigrants at our borders and elsewhere. We also support open pathways to citizenship for people who are undocumented.

SB 1 was approved the Senate Judiciary Committee on January 30, by a 7-2 vote (see how they voted). The full Senate passed the bill, 28-10 on February 4 (see how they voted) after defeating a floor amendment that would have removed the worse provisions of the bill.

SB 1 is now before the House Judiciary Committee. See KFTC's Action Alert targeted at Judiciary Committee members.

KFTC's Position: 
KFTC Opposes