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Expanding Police Powers

Senate Bill Number: 

Senate Bill 89 would have allowed police to stop a person in public and demand identification if the officer had a reasonable suspicion that the person is involved in criminal activity. It also allowed police to detain a person who failed to identify themselves for up to 2 hours.

Senate Bill 89 has BEEN WITHDRAWN by its sponsor.

Bill Sponsor(s): 
S. Meredith

Under this bill, anyone who declined police demands for identification and explanations for their behavior, to the satisfaction of the officer, could be detained for up to two hours. That detention would not be considered an arrest, so the person would not have the right to call an attorney, and no official record would be made of the detention.

This bill targets minority and immigrant communities by encouraging police harassment and profiling. This bill has broad implications concerning policing in communities across the state.

Senate Bill 89 has BEEN WITHDRAWN by its sponsor.

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KFTC Opposes