Anti-rooftop solar

Senate Bill Number: 

Senate Bill 100 is the extreme anti-solar bill designed to smash solar businesses and shatter Kentucky's opportunity to create a clean energy economy. Utilities failed to pass the bill the last two legislative sessions but appear to have lined up Republican leaders for passage in 2019.

Floor amendment 1 was added in the House and makes several significant improvements to the bill but falls short of making it a good bill.

Follow SB 100 on KFTC's action page. Our current action is to ask House members not to recede from the the amendment they added last week..

Bill Sponsor(s): 
Sen. Brandon Smith

On February 13 morning, SB 100 quickly passed the Senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee (see how committee members voted), was placed at the last minute onto the Senate agenda that afternoon (after a spur-of-the moment Rules Committee meeting), and passed 23-12 on the Senate floor (see how senators voted). Senate Republican leaders had the bill on the fast track to passage even before it was assigned to a committee earlier in the week. This maneuvering prevented a favorable amendment from Sen. Reggie Thomas from even being considered on the Senate floor.

That same afternoon, the bill was received in the House, and House Republicans waived the 3-day posting rule so it could be heard in the House Natural Resources and Energy Committee the next morning. It was and passed 10-4 (see how committee members voted). Six amendments were offered on the House floor; two were considered and one was adopted. SB 100 then passed the full House, 71-24, on February 15 (see how House members voted).

On February 21 the Senate refused to concur with the House amendment. On March 14, House Speaker David Osborne broke a promise to not allow the bill to go forward without the House amendment; the House voted to recede from its amendment and send the original, deeply flawed bill to the governor.

KFTC's Position: 
KFTC Opposes