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Abortion Gag Rule Bill

House Bill Number: 

House Bill 142 would prohibit public funds to go to any entity, organization or individual that performs, induces, refers for or counsels in favor of an abortion as a health care choice. 

Bill Sponsor(s): 
L. Bechler, D. Hale, K. King, S. Lee, M. Prunty

This bill would mandate healthcare providers only be able to suggest abortion as one of many options, but not advise their patient either way, regardless of expert medical advise. This bill would limit pregnant Kentuckians and their families doing what is best for them by limiting the options they can be counseled on – regardless of the circumstances of their pregnancy. 

House Bill 142 has been assigned to the House Appropriations & Revenue Committee.

KFTC's Position: 
KFTC Opposes