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Take the Jefferson Davis statue out of the KY capitol

This action is from our friends at the Kentucky NAACP. 

In an effort to remove symbols of hate, bigotry, and oppression from Kentucky state government, the NAACP has asked the State Historic Properties Advisory Commission – to remove the statute of Jefferson Davis from the Capitol Rotunda

If we are ever going to get Jefferson Davis removed from the Capitol immediate action is needed.

The state Historic Properties Advisory Commission is accepting public comment to help decide the fate of the statute.  The commission will receive written comments through July 29 and plans to meet on August 5 to review the issue. 

Individuals can submit comments to the Historic Properties Advisory Commission here (be sure to fill out the CAPTCHA as well).

Organizations (using letterhead) and individuals may submit their comments in writing to:

David Buchta, Director
Division of Historic Properties
401 Wapping Street
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601


Some suggested talking points are:

Jefferson Davis was never a citizen of Kentucky.  He lived in Kentucky for about seven years - two years as an infant (first two years of his life)  and five years as a student

Jefferson Davis was a Congressman, United States Senator, and citizen of Mississippi not Kentucky

Kentucky did not follow Jefferson Davis and secede from the United States

The only connection Kentucky has to Jefferson Davis is the state is his birthplace

Jefferson Davis was a vigorous supporter and defender of slavery

“African slavery, as it exists in the United States, is a moral, a social, and a political blessing.”  Jefferson Davis

“The Negro is inferior, fitted by Almighty God expressly for servitude.”  Jefferson Davis

As a staunch defender and President of the Confederacy, he became a traitor to the United States

Jefferson Davis lived 24 years after the Civil War.  According to author Donald Vaughan, “Davis never retracted a single word, thought, or deed and remained an unrepentant Confederate until his death on December 6, 1889.”

Space in the Rotunda is limited and should be utilized by those who have made a significant contribution to the state of Kentucky